Early Access To Fight Night Demo For UK Pre-Orders

IncGamers report that UK gamers who pre-order the upcoming Fight Night Round 4 through Gamestation will received early access to the demo.

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thetamer3812d ago

You know you'll be getting this RIGHT IN YOUR FACE

Dorjan3812d ago

oh cool! The incentive is there!

poopsack3812d ago

they have to stop doing this

Fyzzu3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I do really want to play this. Then again, I'm not sure how much later the "normal" demo will be, so I'm not sure if I'll just wait for that...

peeps3812d ago

I understand that obv ppl will wanna play the game asap BUT...

surly the point of a demo is to decide if you wanna buy a game or not, then you go away and pre order it... So what this is asking is to pre order, try the demo eary and then i guess keep the pre-order or cancel...?

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