A brief history of driving games

In this feature PC Format takes a look back at the origins and history to date of the driving game genre. Originally published in the print edition of PC Format issue 221.

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blind-reaper3807d ago

does anybody remember Accolade's Test Drive? lol that game was frustrating but fun!

Torch3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Buddy, I BREATHED that game for years!!! one point, it became my sole purpose for my beloved Commodore 64 (God rest it's soul)...Still remember every detail: The terrible "Accolade presents", sound sampling, the five cars: Lotus Esprit Turbo, Corvette, 911 Turbo, Countach, and Testarossa, the blurry instrument panel, that bland brown wall on your right side, and steep cliff on your left side, both which NEVER change...Ah, good times!

It was only when the exponentially more impressive Test Drive II came out, did I retire the first iteration of the game.

And I'll never, EVER forget the very first time I saw Road & Track's Need for Speed playing on a TV at my local Microplay (remember THEM???)...thought I died and went to heaven, man.

That's the kind of stuff I personally miss...I wish EA would go back to Need for Speed's roots and make some nice roads and tracks (no pun intended) so that we can just let loose and boot it in some of our dream cars.

Honestly, they started to lose me after the for Underground.

Following my post above, I decided to peek at the article...It mentions so many forgotten amazing driving games which I poured countless hours into...Heh, heh...believe it or not I genuinely learned how to drive a stick-shift through playing Hard Drivin'.

Sadly, I never did ever manage to master in real-life, the ramp-jump and loop-de-loop, though.

BTW: The article mentions how Hard Drivin' provided a choice of vehicles. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Hard Driving limited you to only ONE vehicle (the Ferrari), while the next iteration, Race Driving allowed you to choose amongst three vehicles: A Ferrari (optimal speed), Porsche Speedster (optimal handling)...and I forget the last one.