IncGamers: Fallout 3 - Broken Steel DLC Review

IncGamers' Marcus Holland looks at the latest installment of Bethesda's long awaited DLC, Broken Steel.

"Finally the last installment of Fallout 3 DLC is here and this is the one that all Fallout 3 obsessives have been waiting for as the level cap has been lifted to level 30, but is it and has it been worth the wait? After the debacle that surrounded the last DLC from Bethesda, The Pitt and technical issues concerning the PC version of this DLC: I entered the Broken Steel code with some trepidation and unfortunately it was justified."

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Dorjan3813d ago

I've still yet to try Fallout 3!

Malfurion3813d ago

That's a shame, was really looking forward to this. Still going to try it out.

AndyA3813d ago

Bethesda has really dropped the ball again with Broken Steel. It's not as if there's feverish anticipation for it, so why not wait till it's finished before releasing it.

thetamer3813d ago

Another great review from Marcus. He's funny, and I'm glad he's still doing all the Fallout content.

Maticus3813d ago

Hey, it didn't do too badly, good to see more DLC for FA3.

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