Eurogamer: The Conduit Hands-on

The Conduit has received so much attention for the dazzling graphics it's managed to coax out of the Wii that you almost forget there's a game lurking somewhere in there, tucked away behind the bloom and the bump-mapping. But there is a game, and not a bad one by the looks of it, if an hour or two with both single- and multiplayer is anything to go by.

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Diselage5018d ago

The more i see this title the less i think it's really going to be decent and thusly it will just keep hurting FPS on the wii.

N4g_null5017d ago

It can't hurt the Wii no more than halo hurt the xbox brand. Halo was way below my standards along with killzone when it comes to controls and game play hey but did that hurt those platforms, nope those gamers loved it. Another thing is this is a good FPS on the Wii with better controls. The potiential is here for some dad to rent this game and get hooked. You see the new comers that are playing the Wii don't play FPS right now. These same people bought deer hunter and they loved Wii sports. They will love the conspiracy stories and the controls. You see FPS are very addictive when you first try them.

That is the trick people usually gravitate to the first FPS that makes sense to them. This explains why people love halo when Quake 3 , half life completely surpass the very games that are hyped by many "hardcore".

Another thing is You will find lots of hardcore playing this game. Some will like the controls the first around while other will have to get past their own dislike to have fun with it.

Most people that truly have fun with FPS don't care about pretty games they just want them to work. From my own experience with it, it works. Any thing that works will just make this system better.

This is going to be pretty fun. It really does take you back to the first time you played a FPS because of the controls and some things will surprise you a lot graphically.

nycredude5017d ago

This review had a lot of well thought out "choice" words used to "not" show the game to be a generic fps, which I am afraid this game looks like.

ChickeyCantor5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

So wiat,
You are saying he is hiding the "fact" it is generic, yet you aren't sure wether is generic or not, yet you push it as fact that it is generic.

Have a cookie.

Lots of people who playes it are positive about it, now people like you are just trying to pull down the game by saying it looks generic, maybe it LOOKS generic, but does it also play generic?
Why not find out for yourself?

Mr_Bun5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

Don't express opinions that can be deemed negative in any way towards the wii...unless you want to upset sidar.

On topic: Hopefully this game sells a lot better than Mad World

SpoonyRedMage5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

Many people thought Killzone 2 looked generic. Look how that turned out!

N4g_null5017d ago

Name a FPS that is not generic. They are all too realistic, or try to be realistic, for there own good.

SinnedNogara5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

So wait. Halo 3 and Killzone 2 aren't generic!!! Seriously, ROFL.

Note That Generic FPS Games get high scores:

Killzone 2: 9.2
Halo 3: 9.8

So what is wrong with being generic anyway. If I released a alien FPS with a bland storyline, but GOOD gameplay and features, it would get reviews as high as 9.0s.

Halo 3 Plot: Fight the alien empire on Earth. Try to save the humans. Super-soldier, (spoiler) Gets lost in space at the end.

Killzone 2: Invade the planet, you are a Marine, generic weapons.

The Conduit: Conspiracies, Washington D.C, interesting weapons (De-Atomizer), All-Seeing Eye, etc.

You sound like bobsaget remix!

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mastiffchild5017d ago

Pretty positive stuff. People need to remember how poor most shooters on Wii have been and this is aiming, purely imo, to give Wii owners the first full package they've hjad for FPS on the console-much like Halo offered for the first Xbox.

It doesn't have to look like Killzone2 or have the perks and levelling system of COD4-it just has to cover all the "vanilla" bases and aims to do that while also being prettier than most. The online at 6v6 should be about right for Wii Connect and most who've [played that have enjoyed it. The big test is one it already sewems to have passed for most previewers-and that's how will it do with the controls and they seem to be as good as they are customisable and should prove the best reason to get this game.

N4g_null5017d ago

No no one is excited why do you ask? To hardcore FPS player it will be pretty sweet but to graphic whores it will be a nice try but no cookie. When was the last time a graphic whore was good at FPS any way?

Seriously you should try it your self then tell me if your excited then. If not then maybe you should upgrade your PC or try a game of quake 3. This is the first console game where you get to aim almost as fast as in quake 3. Add in some speed codes and you have your self one cruel little FPS that is going to get lots of replay.

Shnazzyone5017d ago

I have yet to hear many negative words from people who have actually played this game. The anti wii trolls can scream generic all they want because it's apparently all they can say to put down this title.

I'll say i'm one person excited to pick it up. I got my preorder and i'm gonna get the bad asss limited edition. All i know is when i first saw the wii i felt it was best suited for FPS games and Metroid Prime 3 and COD [email protected] justified that in my mind. I think all the trolls (as their numbers dwindle) are most threatened by the superior controls then anything else in this title. After the conduit it might be possible to call dual analog controls generic by comparison.

Gr815017d ago

Dual analogue already is out dated, Prime 3 proved that to me without a shadow of a doubt.

N4g_null5017d ago

There will be more competition on the Wii for FPS crown also. The conduit is going to be fun and it's competition may not come till 2010 unless you count red steel but I'm mostly talking about FPS with online play. I'll see you online in the conduit! Be sure to practice and tweak your set up! This is going to be golden eye all over again! Like I said before it may happen slow but I expect this game to be the Wii's golden eye for a while. People that get to play it and tweak their controls will not look back. Nintendo dropped the ball when a FPS online demo was not in Wii play lol. Maybe that was a good thing.

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