Hindus to intensify protests over PS2 game

The Hindu community is stepping up their protests over the PS2 videogame, "Hanuman: Boy Warrior", which they claim denigrates the Hindu deity Hanuman. Their protests quietened down after Sony said they would review the game, but as there has been no positive response from Sony concerning a withdrawal of the game since then, the protests are set to intensify further.

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Bob Dole3809d ago

Bob Dole thinks they should make a passion of the christ video game...
What? Too soon??

koehler833809d ago

Religious groups sure have their priorities straight, don't they?

Phantom_T3809d ago

So Assassin's Creed is fine,even though it portrays a "piece of Eden"
Which "a carpenters son used to turn water into wine"
Therefore questioning Jesus's divinity,which alot of Christians would see as full-on blasphemy.
That's allowed,but this isn't?
Seriously,go find something else to whine about.

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