New Prototype screenshots

Activision published a batch of new Prototype screenshots.

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freeman294221d ago

This game looks amazing.

SIX4221d ago

This game looks like A$$! It will be amazing though.

Bordel_19004221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

PROTOTYPE looks pretty cool, looks like fun. I don't think it looks amazing though. I think inFAMOUS looks better. Check out the screens:

Sky Zero4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Prototypes scale is much larger than inFamous.

So staying on the same graphical level isn't something to expect.

When you play inFamous your mission is confined in a few blocks and rooftops.

In Prototype the entire city is at your disposal with infected, uninfected, military personnel and vehicles all running around the streets.

inFamous on the other hand is a handful of NPCs and even enemies not having so much on screen gives cole his framerate free lightning bolts and nicely developed environments.

There is way much more going on in Prototype on screen then there is in inFamous and that can be seen from ANY gameplay video which are all most likely the 20% build.

But even while Prototypes scale is much larger than inFamous I don't see inFamous mopping the floor over Prototype in visuals.

So many compare and contrast but they never take in perspective that Prototype is large. It's a near photocopy of New York City that is at your disposal with total carnage being unleashed on the streets.

People are just hypocrites and loyalists and will pass up a good game or at least talk big over a computer so they can get some bubbles from there other hypocrite and loyalist friends.

thewhoopimen4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Based off your assumption Skyzero, there must be only like 3 powers in 2 gangs, and a city block in the whole game of infamous. Perhaps unlike Prototype the developers at Sucker punch prefer to keep things secretive no? Why don't we wait until both games come out first? I still don't see any developers going gaga at the so-called onscreen activity on Prototype, mayhap because it isn't as impressive as you think it is?
Leave the graphical mopping to people who have both consoles. You can't mop what you can't see.

Sky Zero4221d ago

If you were at Comicon you'd think otherwise.

For Prototype had people amazed on the whole floor due to it's onscreen activity.

Nathan1234221d ago

For the last time both are really different games. Infamous is like Gears kind TPS game (only you shoot electricity in place of bullets).. whereas Prototype is like a hack and slash game just like Hulk.

Infamous is more story oriented(with Karma system..) whereas Prototype will be like an over the top flashy Hulk game...

Both are gonna rock.. Simple. Choose whichever you like more... Stop bashing any game without even playing them. Jeez.. people here are commenting as if they have played the entire game.

HBK6194221d ago

You aren't really making a whole lot of sense dude, inFAMOUS won't just have missions in one small block of the map, while Prototype will be all over.

What I can't really understand about what your saying is that you seem to be implying that Prototype will just have stuff happening everywhere at all times(Why is this a good thing? Might be good to have a lot on screen at once, but is stuff happening when your not there a good thing?), but it will be at the expense of graphical things like look, draw distance, framerate, etc.

Don't know if you've been reading any impressions or have played the demo of inFAMOUS yet, but the game is being called an action game for action fans, so it's not like inFAMOUS will have a couple of enemies, while Prototype will have HUNDREDS at once.

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thereapersson4221d ago

Why even bother commenting at all if nobody can read your statements?

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Galvanise4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

I'm not impressed by this game graphically. I hope it looks a lot better in motion. Oops, posted in wrong section.

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