AusGamers: InFAMOUS Preview

From Sucker Punch Studios, the team behind the Sly-Cooper series, comes inFAMOUS - an open-world superhero romp. But does the game offer up enough in the sandbox world of gaming?

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GameGambits3817d ago

This is the first preview I've read about inFAMOUS as of late that actually didn't come away really excited for the game.

His problems with it are sound and well worded so I can't argue with him. If the demo is set to easy or medium that could explain the simple A.I of the normal baddies. Also the Reapers in the demo are more than likely your "grunt" enemy to encounter. If any of the earlier previews have shown us from the few mini bosses is that the A.I will be vastly diverse in how they will attempt to take you out.

Plus as with any demo you of course have to take into account that you see about 10% if that of the full game. I highly doubt that Sucker Punch would go and sully their name with this new project without making a AAA title like they are used to.

2 weeks to go till we all know though but I have my money paid off with my hopes set high.

tiamat53817d ago

His review sounded a little off. I have watched the demo of Infamous and it looks to me that the Reapers give you absolute hell. I watched someone try to take down the tanker and one of the reapers with the shockwave power followed him and was a constant threat for the whole mission. Also why does everyone keep complaining about the mission thing? Why would I start a mission and then want to go somewhere else.So it because you can't stop the mission once you started it?.In Grand theft Auto if you have a chase the car mission you had to keep chasing the car until the mission was over or you failed. So how is Infamous different then that? Also I am sure not every mission is like that. If you go on fetch quests I am sure you can still explore the city while the mission is going on.The only reason you stay within that area while the mission is going on is that where it is happening. If you have to protect the medical supplies for example why in the world would i run off somewhere else? I mean doesn't that mean I failed to perform my duty? Plus when you are not doing missions you are allowed to climb all over the city all you want.