Star Wars: The Clone Wars game this September reveals LucasArts

The cartoon-style TV series is getting another game, and this time it's heading to next-gen consoles as well as PC - with DS and Wii versions too.

There's still little info to go on but rumours suggest Krome Studios are heading development, with the role of Jedi or a Bounty Hunter up for play with the possibility of co-op.

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Droid Control3809d ago

Made for the Wii as well?

I think we're seeing another Force unleashed...

Lucasarts have no idea how to make next gen games, they're just Mega drive games in lush 3d...

No innoation in the last 15 years.

JamieReleases3809d ago

Some Mega Drive games are good :p

Force Unleashed wasn't a bad game, but it could have been much better.

Droid Control3809d ago

So... its completely liner, and you can't cut things with your light saber. You can gash a wall, but can't cut through...

Thats really sad.

You should be able to do more than hack and slash.

And when you do slash, you should be able tyo cut through walls and falls onto different levels of a ship for example....