Jensen, Nvidia's CEO talks 40nm

FZ: "Last week at Nvidia's financial Q1 2010, Mr. Jensen Huang was asked about 40nm products and the one called GT300.

The first analyst who asked this question got the usual official line that the company doesn't talk about future products and that the current line up is still great but the second one, managed to get a decent answer.

Jensen confirmed that 40nm is ramping aggressively and he said that Nvidia is the company that is probably ramping 40nm production much harder than anyone else on the market.

To our surprise he confirmed that they are ramping three products and this gives you an idea about what is going on with Nvidia's 40nm. We would expect to see some news on 40nm at Computex, especially in mobile space but this is something that Nvidia is not ready to confirm.

Jensen also added that 40nm is very important node for both Nvidia and TSMC and that Nvidia got vast majority of TSMC's 40nm productions.

As you can expect in this early phase of development, 40nm yields are improving by the week."

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