Capcom Working on More PS3 than 360 Games

SCRAWL: "In a follow up to Capcom's latest fiscal reports, they've released a chart showing how many games they've released last year as well as how many they'll be releasing this year and next.

The numbers predict that they'll be releasing fifteen PlayStation 3 games this year and twelve Xbox 360 games this year. Following up in 2010, Capcom will be releasing thirteen PlayStation 3 games and twelve Xbox 360 games. This is odd, considering Capcom is a multiplatform developer."

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Sony Rep3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Lost Planet 2 and Monster Hunter PS3....

Lfmesquite3813d ago

It's only like 1 more. it could be crap for all we know. I'm a PS3 fan personally, but this isn't a big deal.

jessehaysfl3813d ago

shouldnt it be ps3 game, as there is only one.

Sony Rep3813d ago

What crap games does Capcom put out? EA puts out crap.

BYE3813d ago

@Sony Rep

You know that ain't true...

Information Minister3813d ago

Wasn't CAPCOM supposed to release a few of their PS1 classics on PSN? That might explain the difference.

gaffyh3813d ago

@1.5 - Yeah it's probably that. Cos their planned figures for the 3 extra games are only 150k more sales. I think they would expect a lot more from their bigger games like Monster Hunter or Onimusha

All-33813d ago

... because of Japan "only" game releases.

Everyone knows that the Japanese market sees many many games that never see North American or European releases. Capcom could certainly make some of those PS3 games just for the Japanese market - YES?

Beast_Master3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Japan release of Capcom vs Kinikikdidjaowsga 2?


Dannagar3813d ago

I think most are the PSone capcom titles that are making their way to the Playstation Network.

MazzingerZ3813d ago

Can't be PSN games as they are releasing there more than just a couple so the difference would be bigger in that case unless Microsoft has several X360 exclusives...

Lost Planet 2 is one of those coming for the PS3 of course, later next year probably

I'd love to see a next-gen Megaman Legends title

n4f3812d ago

there's even more wii game than 360 game

SullyDrake3812d ago

Dead Rising, to psyche PS3 fans up for Dead Rising 2.

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I did not murder him3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I'm still amazed they penetrated the western market as much as they have all Japanese devs wan't Capcoms long success now we see it all the time as of late. I guess it depends on what market they're tackling any given year or better yet what they're developing and where the games will succeed and on what platform.

PirateThom3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I actually completely agree with this.

Capcom have always been popular, through good game design, their games have always had widespread appeal.

Edit: Also Mega Man is great.

I did not murder him3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

No kidding. Never stated anything different before or after the edit lol.

Just incase folks wan't to know what I said before the edit also my edit was before he replied.

"I'm still amazed they penetrated the western market as much as they have"

I'm amazed regardless EDIT.

PirateThom3813d ago

Heh, fair enough. I do agree with what you're saying though.

I did not murder him3813d ago

You wan't to edit that post I have enough haters without more fuel being added to the fire :)

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skatezero2463813d ago

well I'll take every game that Capcom release's with a grain of salt, because after throwing 120$ down on dissapointments (resident evil 5 and DMC4) I'm a bit skeptic

be_wrong3813d ago

Actually RE5 is a good game, not RE4 great but a good game no less. But i do agree with DMC4 being disappointing cause i lost interest playing it halfway and i finished every DMC game before this even DMC2 which was sooo bland compared to 1 and 3.

Berserk13813d ago

bring the love Capcom

1-Capcom Working on onimusha 5 exclusively for PS3.

2-Capcom Working on Monster Hunter 3 exclusively for PS3.

Lucreto3813d ago

I want a new Okami even if it is multiplatform if the rumor is true about the Sony motion controller I can see it happening.

OmegaSlayer3813d ago

I don't care about Capcom exclusives, the only franchise that I wanted to remain exclusive has gone (DMC) and no console will be pushed to the max to make the better game possible.

To redeem to my eyes, Capcom should deliver a cool HD Strider, that's all I'm asking.

Don_Frappucino3812d ago

(Or 6 if you coun blade warriors, which i don't)
Make it happen Capcom

GiantEnemyCrab3812d ago

Try.. Capcom publishing God of War 3 in Japan. Destructoid already went thru this.

Still funny to see all the crazies going off the deep end with this.

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Bazookajoe_833813d ago

Didnt they state that they were going to do some exclusive psn games because they got their own channel on psn? Or the rumored Dead rising for psn perhaps and so on.

Foxgod3813d ago

I agree, Marvel Versus capcom is also counted as a game release on that list of 15 and 12.
So its obvious that the ps3 will get more PSN titles this year, then the 360 gets Live titles.

This once again is an article blown out of proportions to feed the anti 360 trolls.

Foxgod3813d ago

If its not blown out of proportion, then how are you going to explain that they dont mention the Wii, which gets 14 titles in 2009.

This is what we call a spin article, making the oposition look bad with ungrounded details.

lokiroo4203813d ago


why are you not on the sega article saying the same thing? thats right your spinning like a top yourself!

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