Game Focus: Patapon 2 Review

Marko D: "It's not hard to see that Patapon 2 is an incredible game that both fans of the first and PSP owners in general should own. I will admit that the multiplayer aspect of the game is the weakest part, but that's only because it of its limited appeal. Other than that, the game manages to keep everything that was good about the first and build upon it. The addition of the Evolution Map alone will satisfy those who might have been annoyed by the pesky grinding that was required in the last game. If you missed out first time, pick up Patapon 2 and enjoy yourself; it will be twenty dollars well spent."


+ Evolution Map allows for better and more varied customization
+ New Units and more Levels
+ Fun and Easy Multiplayer
+ Some of the best art and music you will find on the PSP
+ Still only 20 dollars!


- Still no pause feature
- First few missions will be boring for returning players
- How will the public approach the downloadable nature of the game?

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