Trinity Universe : Artworks

The Trinity Universe's Official Website has been launched today by Idea Factory.
You can dicover new artworks about the RPG developped by Gust, Nippon Ichi Software and Idea Factory.

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3815d ago Replies(1)
Sophie3815d ago

A D for Dungeons RPG ^^'

3815d ago
GameGambits3815d ago

Wow Cross Edge hasn't even hit yet and they seem to have an almost similar game already in the works.

What happened to the learning experience phase associated with releasing games? It seems Japanese developers just plug their ears, close their eyes, and rehash and remake the same stuff. I used to not bash the Japanese, but now that the better Japanese developers themselves are pointing at how half a$$ed game development is there now it just seems unavoidable.

R.I.P JRPG bananza of PS2 era and before. It's now going to be a needle in a haystack attempt to locate good JRPGs. :(

Da One3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

it hasn't even released yet, nore have we seen gameplay, hell we've seen gameplay of cross edge and this "seems"(emphasizes on this word) nothing like cross edge except in the aspect that it's a crossover RPG

chidori6663815d ago

cool but the voices in usa is ridiculous.