Weather Changes, Night Racing in Gran Turismo 5

Straight from Kazunori Yamauchi himself, weather changes and night racing are coming to a GT game near you...

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RememberThe3573813d ago

This is going to kick the teeth out of every other racing game out there.

Kain813813d ago

Polyphony Digital announce a release date, i cant wait for this Game.

Dragun6193813d ago

Gran Turismo 5 so far features
-Weather Changes
-Night Racing
-simulate Damages /Crashes in Real time
-supports online racing
-16 player versus
-A new physics engine
-A new in-cokpit view
-HD support (1080/ 7.1 surround sound)
-with more than 600 vehicles
-a track count somewhere in the 90s
-user-created tracks (put together from existing parts)
-hopefully more to come at E3 like a release date

Can't wait for Gran Turismo 5!

sinncross3813d ago

That is an awesome list of features, but i just wish PD would improve the offline multi player, it seems to be the only area they are lacking compared to other racers.
I feel they should get 4 player split screen or at least add some bots to the 2 player split screen - though of course not make this a priority, but it would be a nice addition to the series.

Narutone663813d ago

and full supports for the G25 racing wheel and I'm a happy man.

Ilikegames763813d ago

wish it will be released this year. But we all know, it will be released when it is ready.

Critical_Hit3813d ago

And all running at 60 Frames per Second.

marinelife93813d ago

Polyphony are true artist. All the way down to the different looks of each bush and tree at the track.

FlameBaitGod3813d ago

RememberThe357 some people r in denial lol disagrees. Ah ps3 keeps proving how bad of a system it is... Not

UltimateIdiot9113813d ago

GT5P blew my mind, GT5 is going to change the world around me. Can't wait.

UnwanteDreamz3812d ago

Stop telling me about this stuff, I want to see it......I need to see it..........dammit quit playing with my emotions.

shawnsl653812d ago

guess i can save 80k n pretend to own the new skyline gtr when gt5 comes out.

Reshun3812d ago

Was never a fan of the series but now I'm really anticipated to see what this will come out to be.

Szarky3812d ago

YES! YES! YES! This should be a huge priority. Playing GT5P with the G25 is so awesome but it would be nice to just see it in the menus and not have to do that stupid trick with triangle to have to activate the clutch.

Narutone663812d ago

got the approval from car manufacturers for the car crash damage problem: http://www.product-reviews....
This was what's delaying GT5 right now. The car crash damage in GT5 will be better than other racing games as PD want to do the damage realistically.

pain777pas3812d ago

We all know that this is being kept in the oven because they only release a masterpiece. Can't wait. Played the demo again the other day the cars handle very well. Love the game.

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MURKERR3813d ago

i just know this is going to be the dogs bollocks (amazing for those who dont speak english slang)

kaveti66163813d ago

LMAO. It used to be the bees knees, then neat, then rad, then cool, then it was wack, then it was the SH*t, then it was the shiz nit. But now, it is... dog's bollocks.

UltraNova3812d ago

You guys are killing me! The dogs bollocks lol lol

Bathyj3812d ago

You guys should come to Australia mate. Its the cats arse.

(Thats good, by the way.)

BYE3813d ago

I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

Dragun6193813d ago

Yea, but it will worth the wait just like Gran Turismo 1, Gran Turismo 2, Gran Turismo 3, and Gran Turismo 4. Just believe in Kazunori Yamauchi and his team, Polyphony Digital, because I'm sure they're going to deliver the best racing game ever.

BYE3813d ago

Yes, these guys are perfectionists, if they take that long you will see why.

BYE3813d ago

That was probably meant as a joke but you're right.

George Brussard is a perfectionist too.

MaximusPrime3813d ago

i think is the good timing. by the time the game releases more and more gamer will have own ps3.

Looking forward to GT5. its well worth the wait.

FlameBaitGod3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Every PS3 exclusive is worth the wait :),and since we keep getting more and more every time, no ps3 only owner will ever be bored

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PirateThom3813d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is easily my most anticipated game. It's hard to get excited without a release date though.

Jazz41083812d ago

hopefully it gets released before the lifespan of the systems over....

BYE3813d ago

This game might be actually worth getting a steering wheel for.

nycredude3813d ago

I bought a G25 last year just for when the game comes out. Unfortunately it doesn't have full support for the G25 (clutch)...

Szarky3812d ago

Get a G25. So worth the money. I firmly believe it'll have a high resale value in the future also (although I probably won't sell mine). It so much more fun racing with a wheel. Just make sure you have a good desk to hook up the wheel/clutch. I have a cheep IKEA table which works okay. The best would be a heavy, durable table.