Game Focus: (XBLA) Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram Review

If you are a fan of the series you've already dropped the MS points and are battling it out against other others. The tough to master controls and the higher than expected cost will detract potential players and that should not be the case. Once you get a hang of the dual-analog controls or tweak them to your liking, you will have a hard time putting this game down. If you never got around to playing this in the arcades or never owned a Dreamcast, this is now your chance.

+ Battling with Mechs is always fun
+ Good Challenge
+ Plenty of Variety in the Robots to choose from and battle against
+ Fun Online Multiplayer
+ Nice Dreamcast references
- 1200 MS Points a bit too much for a niche title
- Controller takes time to get used to
- Graphics have not aged well
- Generic 1990s arcade music
- No local Multiplayer

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