GI.Biz Interview: Bethesda's Sean Brennan Part One

GI.Biz writes: "In its first twelve months, Bethesda Europe's initial remit was to focus purely on one game, Fallout 3. With over 750,000 units sold in the UK to date, and close to 2 million copies sold through across Europe, that initial goal has been a success.

Now the UK office is firmly established the company plans a much bigger European expansion, with dedicated marketing and PR teams for each major region, and a targeting of development studios and products within Europe.

Here, in the first part of our exclusive interview, managing director Sean Brennan reveals in detail the company's plans, the continued dedication to developing triple-A product, and why the first fruits of a Euro focus – the project developed by the UK's Splash Damage – will prove its point by being a "genre-breaker"."

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