12 High-Def Screengrabs From Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Promo

12 high-def screengrabs from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gameplay reveal promo

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bullswar3808d ago

Im gonna be honest ... I was really excited and looking forward to this title with lotsnlots of expectation that this game is gonna be the one to crush Killzone 2 with its bare hands.


This game looks exactly the same as COD4 (few added perks and slightly improved graphics). My God Killzone 2 graphics and physics are lot fuking superior then MW2 ... I was hoping that IW during last two years of sitting in development room they would have come up with some kind of mind blowing graphics improvement that will shut all other FPS up and blow em out of the water. BUT THIS !!!! THIS is fukin retarded and humiliating. It seems in the name of MW2 they are just gonna thug our money.

PLSSSSSSSSS do us a favor and release new DLC maps. We'll buy that.

I love video games3808d ago

why did you think it would be better than killzone 2? they made it in like half the time. I do however think it will play better (i just like the way it plays more then killzone)

JeffGUNZ3808d ago

You do know that is taken from a TV that was taped my a cam-corder, right? It's not even REAL game play, just a teaser. This game will blow you away when you actually see it at E3. This game will be an overall improvement to Killzone 2, in all aspects. Wait till E3, when you ACTUALLY SEE REAL GAME PLAY FOOTAGE.

Ju3808d ago

Well, camcorder and such. Doesn't explain the horrible scene that snowmobile is in. Maybe that's just a concept or what. But I mean, there is really nothing on the screen, a coupe of dozen trees (maybe not even a couple, just dozen ugly trees), the mountains look like crap and the snow mobile is low poly. You don't need a pixel for pixel shot to figure that out.

Talking about hype. Somebody uses fast movie cuts to cheat on the details to hype the masses. That's what that is about.

FragMnTagM3808d ago

I definitely agree those shots don't look that great, but I will reserve judgment until E3.

Ju3807d ago

I'm pretty sure that can't be all. Eventually it has to compete against the best of the best out there. It's CoD, for gods sake. But I don't know why IW has to dig into these teasers. Just show a real game and convince me.

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godmoney3808d ago

I wonder what the actual full length trailer will show