Capcom Developing 9 Wii Games, Officially Confirms Monster Hunter Tri For US and Europe

Financial presentation from capcom says Monster Hunter 3 is coming to the US they will "introduce versions of major game series for the extremely popular Wii." Nine games are planned

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FinalomegaS3808d ago

invisible disagrees lol~

Ninjas on N4G

Gr813808d ago

about MH3 coming to WW audiences. But the other 9 titles in development...I'll reserve judgement for when they are revealed.

Nihilism3808d ago

yay for third party developement for wii

Shnazzyone3808d ago

Gotta love exclusive capcom titles. Even if 2 of them are just remqakes and one is an on rail shooter. Can't wait for MH3 it looks dam good

mastiffchild3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Well MH3 is the big one for them on Wii. Face it what they've been giving to us Wii owners has verged on the insulting-CTYD is a tragic effort imo.

Umbrella chronicles was only tolerable as they intimated it was only a stop gap bit of fan service at the time. Little did we know we'd have number 2 coming directly in DC(plus more damn remakes while the HD consoles got a new game-even if RE5 was cack)which is just more of the same in a shinier wrapper.

No SF love either despite saying "if it has buttons it can play SF" so hopefully one of the unannounced games will remedy that. I also worry about how much they'll have to do to make MH3 work well online. I can't agree that WaW or MoHH2 were/are good online either. WaW gimped the numbers(which left HoH a lag fest and sooo fugly it hurts)to get rid of lag but still the visuals take a hit and there are big connection loss issues. If Capcom get MH3 working really well just what is the charge to play gonna be? I'm fresh from being disgusted at the shenanigans on PSN and Live with the DLC costumes for SF4 and the Vs content debacle for RE5 and pray they learned to be reasonable from those bloody noses but as they are now I wouldn't bet on it.

IDK, they've been my favourite dev for a few console generations but this time round the best games they released on Wii were ports(Okami and RE4)while their HD console output has been well below what we expected last gen-compare DMC4 with DMC3 for instant proof or RE5 with RE2,3,4? I do think they've put lots into getting MH3 right but I just don't trust them. Yes, it looks good but so do SF4 and RE5(stunning in places)but that's literally all those games added-in fact RE5 was ruined as a SP game with the forced NPC co-op and SF4 by the silly added moves(focus?).

I just want them to make games as good as the old ones, and in fairness they haven't messed up a monster hunter yet but in the west it's only small potatoes so I can't see it succeeding with a charge to play online at all outside Japan-many millions of Wiis will never even see an internet connection either.

Then again if the unannounced games are a real Dino Crisis for today, a new Onimusha and a proper SF or Resi game then I would prolly give them a chance!

Mahr3808d ago

"this time round the best games they released on Wii were ports"

Not a fan of Zack and Wiki, I take it?

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