PALGN: DSiWare Review Round-Up

PALGN writes: "So, you have a DSi. You've taken a few photos, stretched a few faces, and remixed a few sound files, but did you know you also have access to downloadable games? One of the selling points of the DSi is access to the online DSiWare Store, which since launch has accumulated ten games at various price points. Some of the games may seem familiar, others may seem completely new, and others seem to be there just to show off your shiny (or rather, matte) new DSi's features. To help you sort through the swathe of downloadable content, we've gathered up all of the currently available titles and given you our verdict on whether they're worth picking up or not.

To give some perspective to the prices, which are listed in points, at the time of writing 1000 Nintendo DSi Points were equal to AUD $15."

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