AppGamer Review: G

AppGamer: "I don't like space ships, I don't like floating mechanical balls that divert missiles through the use of gravity, and I definitely don't like venturing off into space to explore some strange cosmic mass that might eat up my spaceship (not that I've done any of these). But somehow, I like G – in fact, I like it a lot. You've read the two part interview with Soma Games, you've read what inspired the developers and you've probably bought the game based on what Chris Skaggs of Soma Games had to say about the game alone. No, this game doesn't have aliens, robots, ninjas or pirates. Conceptually it's a simple pick-up-and-play game, but practically you'll need to spend a good hour or two to master the complex mechanics of G to fully enjoy the world that Soma Games have built. For an indie title, this is as good as it currently gets."

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