Lost Planet 2 Confirmed For PC

Capcom has finally confirmed that it's highly anticipated 'Lost Planet 2' will be releasing on the PC as well as the Xbox 360. Capcom however will still not confirm if a PS3 version will be on the way.

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Sonyslave33812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

xbox 360 get lost planet 2 time exclusive while ps3 get ghost buster time exclusive sony should went after lost planet 2.

I did not murder him3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Maybe, Ghost Busters has been announced as a timed exclusive and LP2 has not.

They talk about the possibility of the PS3 version as not zero percent and the fact this was in there:

"the official also confirmed that the site will provide a play experience"

I guess that means the demo will be out. This news is old and not new this was said days ago. The original says they could later on announce the PC version hinting that they'll probably do that.

omodis4203812d ago

Capcom just confirmed this today in Japan and China. The old reports were just rumors. This is an actual confirmation.

I did not murder him3812d ago

Doesn't sound like that, did you hear it from Asain media? sounds like they made it up and mixed what was said days ago. I'd be surprised if they used the same explanation of the PS3 version word2word.

The_Zeitgeist3812d ago

I have to agree with Omodis much to my dismay.

I did not murder him3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I disagree. *omodis420* said the old reports were just rumors but the things that were said in this news story that seem to be exactly what I read more than a week ago were not rumors but words from the devs mouth lol.

This last link could be why this news post exists but this all could be some strange coincidence and they really was a PC version announced and google couldn't do quotes in the translation mixing quotes and statementes.

MURKERR3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

who do you know who hasnt got one?i need to get a joypad for my pc

EDIT:lol at the disagreers,whats the matter cant handle non owning 360 owners get the chance to play the game aswell? b bu bu i thought it was exclusive....grow up

RememberThe3573812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

get over it.

EDIT: @below: What exactly am I supposed to be getting over? I have no problems with Lost Planet 2 going to the PC.

EDIT2: OK so you are disputing whether or not it has been "confirmed" for the PC?

EDIT3: I just found this for you: Capcom's official blog.

"Lost Planet 2 (currently 360, PC)"

I did not murder him3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Those links you posted are the reasons I made my comments lol
I never said its never coming to PC work on your comprehension. I don't think it has been announced for the PC Lost Planet *COLONIES EDITION* is a cross platform game anyways.

Get over it.

Wait You guys said the same thing when the IGN E3 update supposedly had confirmed 360/PC/PS3 because of the listing for E3. Get over it indeed.

EDIT: That is the list made by the people that supposedly heard this info from Capcom and posted on a Capcom blog.
Thats just a readjusted list of the one floating around already based on this supposed announcement but now on the Blog. Maybe I should join and add Mega Man to the list because somebody told me its coming to PS3 and the 360. They took IGN's list and took the PS3 out of the LP2 slot.

evrfighter3812d ago

"who do you know who hasnt got one?i need to get a joypad for my pc "

thats interesting...according to the people here at n4g. PC's cost 4k and thousands of dollars a month to keep playing the latest games.

Now all of a sudden a 360 title is coming out on pc and suddenly everyone has gaming pc's...

Only @ n4g.


blackpanther253812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

no followers of 360 make it sound like having a pc is super expensive. I have been saying it for the longest time that you can make a adequate gaming pc for a like $800. I also say that most people already have an adequate pc to play games on, but i get mad disagrees (from 360) when i state this

Edit: and my point is proven.

CaseyRyback_CPO3812d ago

I hope to god there are some only on 360 exxclusives at e3 this year..

like lips, you're in the movies, and banjo kazzoie.

MURKERR3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

do you actually live in the real world or a make believe land where fairys bring you nice cold drinks?

my £700 (sale price amazing touch screen HP highly recommended)laptop has had no problem with latest games unless i must be special and it should have problems? use your common sense and stop being a fanboy,LP2 is not exclusive get over it ITS A GAME

RememberThe3573812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

This is Capcom's official blog. Ephesus on "official". This is the list that is floating around because it's right. It's "official". There is nothing speculative or fake about this post.

lol come on man, get over it. Desperate deniablility.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

PC = Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360 = Microsoft

At this point in time there is no other way to play this game without seeing a Microsoft logo before you boot up. Untill it says PC/PS3/360 it's exclusive only on Microsoft platforms.

Buy hey... Like I always say don't let somthing like "truth" get in the way by thinking you're going to stick in to Microsoft by getting the PC version.

After all I'm sure there is a magic mushroom or some fairy dust that you can sprinkle on that PC so you can play Lost Planet 2 without using Windows.

7thNightvolley3812d ago

if u think most of the ppl even on N4G have high grade gaming pc rigs u are highly mistakened my friend. i will best most ppl here are on laptops or some pc that would breakdown if lp2 went into the tray.

3812d ago
La Chance3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

You guys gonna play this on PC??? but I thought ps3 gamers didnt care about it...I mean just a couple of days ago you all saying it was crappy and you couldn't care less...why the sudden interest for this game ?

BTW PS3 gamers DO NOT game on PC.

Otherwise they would have bought the PC version of Fallout 3 and not torture themselves with the inferior in all aspects PS3 version.And that goes with a lot of other games like Half Life : Orange Box, Bioshock, Unreal Tournament 3 etc.

They are all hardcore PC gamers but buy shooters (multiplat) on the PS3...the console with the worst pad for shooters.

They complain the 360 is expensive but dont mind spending THE PRICE OF A 360 upgrading their pc's every couple of years...

98% of ps3 fanboys are lying when they say they game on PC.

Daoshai3812d ago

Defiantly not a game to play on PC, but I guess you have to make do if your too poor/stubborn to own a 360.

I'll enjoy my games on a 56" lcd, thanks.

evrfighter3812d ago

"use your common sense and stop being a fanboy,LP2 is not exclusive get over it ITS A GAME"

Just to state yet again because it seems like I have to every time the pc is involved. I DO NOT OWN A 360...did you get that or do I need to go slower?

I'm a pc gamer that builds his own custom rigs. I've seen the outlandish claims time and time and time again where n4g users (specifically ps3 users during the whole Kz2 is better than crysis pre-kz2 release would claim gaming pc's cost 4k, or gaming pc's cost thousands of dollars a month to keep upgraded.

These aren't my claim buddy but the fanboys here @ n4g...LOL

FlameBaitGod3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Daoshai a 360 cus 200 bucks LOL, a PC gaming comp (a pro 1) cost more than 1 grand to make and it doesn't have a 36% failure rate. The game will play way better and look way better on my pc than on ur crappy 200 crap `box kid.

Daoshai3812d ago


I have a gaming rig, I have a ps3, I have a 360. Just saying don't be a fanboy, its better to play with "friends" (sorry I know you have none) in the living room than to play by yourself on your computer.

My pc rigs > yours btw
113k/yr FTW

CaseyRyback_CPO3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

LoL, no one thinks they are sticking it to MS... o_O.

The fact is that yet another 360 "exclusive" is "exclusive" to the PC as well. Meaning that you dont have to own a 360 to play it.. meaning i can play it in my living room, with my 360 or -- thanks to new drivers, ps3 gamepad, in higher resolution and quality than the inferior console version.

The only person that gets it stuck to is you, for thinking that some how this is some attack on MS. Everyone owns windows Jason360. Its the only reason MS is still around because it sure as hell aint the dwindling game divisions that they are shutting down thats keeping it afloat.

Unlike microsoft fanboys aka you, Sony fanboys dont hate a company to death and wish that it burns down because your dreamcast got killed. Else no one would use computers. Some of us are just smart enough to realize paying 50 dollars to play peer to peer for free isn't worth it. Microsoft has great things comin from them, their gaming division isn't one of them.

You get bothered by the statement "im playing it on my pc in my living room with a gamepad in higher resolution and quality than the console version" because you realize theres no reason to own a 360.

FlameBaitGod3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

First Im a PC gamer i have said it many times and dude do u even hear ur self talk ? the first online games where on PC and have no friends ? i have a PC and PS3 for when im bored not to play all day online with friends I actually go out and don't waste my time buying every console cus i barely have time 2 play. BTW when people usually bring up the friend argument first its because they are the ones who really don't have, so i rlly feel srry 4 u that u depend on gaming consoles to actually have friends. Try getting out

BTW take a screen shot of ur system specs on system inf and post em or send em to me by PM, Ill send u mine and ill add my name on paint so know its mine, u do the same. I rlly wanna see this lol

JokesOnYou3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

everybody knows 95% of the sony folks on n4g who claim they will play it on PC are just spouting off BS because their feelings are hurt since said game is NOT on ps3, PC sales of the same game on 360 are very poor in comparison, so where are all these sony/PC gamers who claim they will get it on PC?, seems to me the only ones buying the PC versions are the same hardcore PC only gamers, point is 360/PC games have done very well on 360 so far so I doubt micro would be against making a some extra cash off of a few loyal ps3 owners who would never buy 360 anyway, lol at least they can get something off 'em....hell this game will likely come to ps3 in 6mo or a yr later and most of them still won't bother getting it because it will be an "old" game they already played on guess what? Yes their 360's and for those who unfortunately only own a ps3 I'm sure they have a least a friend or two with a 360. lol


Jaces3811d ago

I really can't see why anyone would be butt hurt over a game they didn't enjoy in the first place, one being me.

To be honest, it does look better than the first by far, but I still have my doubts. If it is as good as it looks, well then I'm glad ya'll have another fun game to add to your collection.

Not going to rush out to buy a 360 anytime soon for this game...although that sweet deal with the Elite, Fable 2, and Halo 3 is calling my name. haha.

FlameBaitGod3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

You think people would buy a 360 for this game lol, don't think so.

BTW still waiting for ur PC rig specs pic Daoshai

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nightelfmohawk3812d ago

We'll let you still call it an "exclusive" and slap the "Only on Xbox 360" sticker on it, because we know you can't handle the truth.

I did not murder him3812d ago

We already knew the game would be exclusive to Microsoft's platforms the truth still matters.

nightelfmohawk3812d ago

Odd, I didn't know PS3 was a M$ platform.

Who knew?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3812d ago

Yeah because PC's don't require you to boot up to Microsoft Windows first before you play any game on the PC.

Droids are stupid

PopEmUp3812d ago

what the point of buying a 360, when you can get it on the PC with a much better version

TheMART3812d ago

Don't forget all the times a PC user will booohoooo when:

1. His OS crashed again
2. The GPU he just bought some months before isn't capable enough to run the game anymore
3. RAM has already been eaten up by OS & other processes, more investments
4. The drivers he installed are instable or crap on the specific game
5. Framerate drops down 15fps
6. Another virus or trojan also influence gameplay
7. Sits behinds his uncomfortable desk, gaming on a device thats called a keyboard (which is made to type on, not to game on) and a mouse (which is made to give direction to your mouse pointer not to shoot).
8. Works on a monitor, and not a bigass 40 inch or bigger HDTV
9. Has no pop in and play gaming
10. Has countless installation processes (as the PS3 is a semi PC, forced installation for many games)

Too freaking funny. I have been PC gamer for some time but its really not much fun and certainly not entertaining like a console is. PC gaming is only good for WoW and RTS. Thats about it. The rest is more fun on a console. A PC is made for typing in Word, surfing the net and MSN.

Shane Kim3812d ago

Wow Fart, it sounded like you just described the 360.

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omodis4203812d ago

To bad the first Lost Planet wasn't all that good to begin with.

The_Zeitgeist3812d ago

What are you the Lost Planet hater?

Shadow Man3812d ago

I see... you bought the ps3 version the crappy port. I understand

TheMART3812d ago

Yes, the 360 version had about 8 out of 10 average
While the PS3 version was 6.7 or something like that.

You got shafted.

KZ1 even was a real crap game on 7 out of 10
KZ2 became rated just over 9 out of 10

In that view, if PS crap can get up from 7 to 9
Lost Planet 8 out of 10 could become a 10 out of 10

omodis4203812d ago

The first lost planet wasn't even that good. Honestly I don't even see what all the fuss is about.

The_Zeitgeist3812d ago

No way. The first one was awesome. Maybe you just couldn't handle it.

3812d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3812d ago

LP1 sold pretty damn good and even made it to the PS3 for a "[email protected]" game.

Reality is, it is a great game that I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm looking forward to LP2.

Halo3 MLG Pro3812d ago

If Lost Planet didn't interest you than why did you come on here? I'm guessing you're just another sony troll trying to downplay an excellent 360 game.

All Time Greatness3812d ago

Porcelain God = Delusional Sony fanboy

RememberThe3573812d ago

It wasn't garbage, but it wasn't great either.

I clicked on it to see what the deal was because the videos have looked so damn good.

I also wanted to see how the 360 fanboys would react. Desperate deniable is what I'm seeing, and it's pretty sad.

The game looks great and you guys are going to have a great time with it, there is no reason to get butt hurt about it.

blackpanther253812d ago

idk the first lost planet was ok. I had just finished reading starship troopers so i was really hyped about the game. The multiplayer is really good, but the single player aspect gets boring realllll quick.

kaveti66163812d ago

As I remember, Killzone 1 wasn't that well-received, and Lost Planet got higher overall reviews than that did. Your logic is invalid because of something called the genetic fallacy. You automatically assume the second game in the series is going to be as bad as the first, yet Sony fanboys had no problem hyping the sequel to a flop for years, and it turned out well for them. As gamers, we needed to have with us a little bit of faith and optimism when it comes to games. From the footage that has been shown so far, the game looks quite good, but of course this is not an accurate assumption, merely a hope. So all I'm saying is that the first game doesn't prove the second will be as bad. It just doesn't.

The_Zeitgeist3812d ago

Different generation man. Everyone should just face the fact that Lost Planet was a mediocre game at best. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. It was just a ho hum good game. End of story.

7thNightvolley3812d ago

the first lp was great and i say its still has the best snow in gaming ... well till lp2 and uncharted that still stands anyway. i actually got lp again 2 days ago to reply it.;)

likedamaster3811d ago

Don't forget... best explosions/fire effects ever.

Kleptic3811d ago

yeah the first was merely ok imo...sub UE3 visuals...but interesting style, and some decent gameplay at times (pretty good boss battles iirc)...

LP2 does look great so far though...if it did make it to the PS3, I would definitely rent it at least...but the first game had crysis like PC requirements, but didn't come close chance i'll get it for PC, as I don't have anything near capable of running it...

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StoneySweatLeafs3812d ago

I hope this game comes to PS3 at launch. This timed exclusive stuff is getting annoying. Nice to see a decent blog. I definitely dig the vibe going on with that site.

I did not murder him3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Thats not a timed exclusive. Timed exclusives are planned strategies for software releases. Devs saying they might think about making a PS3 version later on is not a timed exclusive deal hahaha. I fail to see how "I hope this game comes to PS3 at launch" when the devs don't even know if they wan't to make it for the PS3 later on. How would it come out at the same time for PS3 when its not in development?

StoneySweatLeafs3812d ago

@ - I did not murder him

Let me shed some light on this for you. Obviously you are in the dark on this. A timed exclusive is any game that starts out exclusive on one platform and then some months or year later is able to be made for a different system. Bioshock is a great example. It stayed exclusive to 360 and Games for Windows for over a year. It was a timed exclusive. If a game was just exclusive to one console you would not see it on another console ever. It is written into contracts. You almost sounded smart for a second dude. Good try. But fail.

StoneySweatLeafs3812d ago

Also they have not denied a PS3 version is in the works. Common sense would say that at some point LP will come to PS3. The question is when.

Rob0g0rilla3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Because we all know the possibility of it happening is pretty high. Lets face it, no one is falling for this anymore. We have seen it before, and when Capcom's two biggest games are released this year have a higher attach rate on PS3, it's dumb to believe they are keeping this exclusive to 360/PC forever.

Halo3 MLG Pro3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Nice to see a ps3 owner speak his mind without the fanboy rants of "ThE GAME IS GABAGEE ANYWAY"

Bubbles up

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