Spawn Kill: Fat Princess Beta Impressions

The Herp of Spawn Kill writes:

"The first time I heard about a game titled Fat Princess, I shrugged it off thinking there's no way this game is going to get made. Then I found out that the game is essentially a capture the flag game where the flag is a princess and you have to force feed your opponent's princess to prevent them from carrying her out of your castle. At this point I thought, "Well that is a very plausible situation especially in America." From that point on my interest in this game spiked and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Luckily Sony released a public beta and I got my first chance to play this Playstation Network exclusive title."

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CaseyRyback_CPO3811d ago

amazing writeup. This is rare on n4g.

K-Tuck3811d ago

I can't wait to play Fat Princess.

villevalorox3811d ago

OKAY.. Nice and all and I really do want this game so much!!!.

(off toppic kinda XD )But dissing on America for being fat is another. Not all of us are fat lazy people that lives off McDonald's. I dislike fat people that eat there.

any way. this game is going to be fun fun fun :)