GameTrailers: Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Reveal Promo (HD)

Gametrailers writes: "Catch the world premier of Modern Warfare 2 on May 24th during the NBA Playoffs".

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Mucudadada3810d ago

This calls for a song...

Chapulin3810d ago

Please God let it be as good as the first.

Bnet3433810d ago

I thought they were going to add the name Call of Duty back in? What gives? It'll hurt them more then help them, people won't know what the hell Modern Warfare 2 is. And if you got any gaming noob friends like mines, when you try to tell them that Modern Warfare 2 is a Call of Duty game, they'll think you're lying. *sigh* What's so bad about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

ARog343810d ago

But some1 beat GameTrailers!!! LOL...

...gotta love it in HD! :) :O Can't friggen wait!

RememberThe3573810d ago

Now everyone can have a white Christmas!

thewhoopimen3810d ago

I like the idea of the snow level and all, but the ground textures seriously look like s**t. Freeze frame it. It's really low res.


FREAKING SWEET!!! 11.10.09 can't come soon enough!!!

RememberThe3573810d ago

I can wait. This is because I know that once I start playing MF2 I'm going going to stop for months.

i_like_ff73810d ago

Video is 60fps?!?! SWEET!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.