Japanese console hardware totals in April

The complete hardware sales totals for the month of April in Japan are now available, courtesy of Enterbrain data.

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Snake Raiser3807d ago

This shows that when the PS3 gets going in a region it can be successful. The PS3 has the potential to beat the wii, it always has, but it is up to sony to capitalize on that.

dustgavin3807d ago

I totally agree with you.

I have a strong feeling that Sony has some big plans.

RememberThe3573807d ago

so your theory is pretty sound. lol

chidori6663807d ago

360 in the last place lol

JasonPC360PS3Wii3807d ago

"But but Playstation fans don't care about sales"

Sony Rep3807d ago

27k for the 360? That's 25k too much.

A PS3 price cut will remedy that...

RememberThe3573807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

That was so blatantly fanboyish that bust out laughing when I read it. Thank you.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3807d ago

Since when did Playstation fans care about sales?

ultimolu3807d ago

Lol @ Jason.

You can't help yourself can you?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Everytime a sales article or news about sales pops up and the 360 is on top of the PS3, most Playstation fans like yourself say "we don't care about sales". It's not like I'm making it up, go over there ---> do a search with the words NPD or VGC (VGCharts) and read what all you Playstation fans say about sales.

Now when it comes to Japan all of a sudden Playstation fans care about sales. ??? So which is it, do you care or don't you? I tell you what I see, when the 360 is on top you use the excuse of "we play games not sales" to ease the pain but when the PS3 is on top it's "YES YES YES HOORAY!!!"

Now when I see that, I think... uh... Whats that word I'm looking for? oh yeah thats right "hypocrisy"

INehalemEXI3807d ago

yeah ps3 outselling the wii is not cause for excitement. What are you guys tripping on. You should be excited at the fact that 360 is in 2nd place in the npd all the time despite a high failure rate. psssh.

lloyd_wonder3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

just stfu. You act like it doesn't go both ways??

where were you in 07 when the 360 had all the exclusives? Now, in 09, its "bubu but exclusives dnt matter-- we have multiplat games"

insomnium3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Every time the PS3 is doing good in sales it brings joy to know people actually care about something else other than pure money (morals and such). PS3 is a better console hardwarewise no matter how you slice it.

Sonys way of doing things is better than MS way atleast what I've seen in the gaming business. There's just no comparison between those two.

It feels as justice is being realized when the PS3 does good numbers and yes it has to be in comparison to X360s numbers because that's the piece of s*it it has to compete against apparently. This is a fact as you might know ONLY because YOU X360-fans started talking smack about the PS3 looooooong before it was even released.

Funny you should say something about hypocrisy since earlier it was all about "teh games" remember back in the 2007ish? Now it's all about how much and how many and in what period of time.

It's you guys who's been drifting and swiching your opinions all the time to what ever suits you best and YOU started talking numbers so expect to see a lot of praise when ever the PS3 does well. It's justice being realized and don't you forget it.

I'm just oh so very tired of listening people like you who can't handle the game YOU YOURSELF started.

3807d ago
insomnium3807d ago

"Oh, and to insomnium, why does it seem that you are just another ps3 fanboy making outrageous claims that one console is better but it seems tat you never actually gave reason for the ps3 apparently being far superior to the 360."

PS3 does things the X360 doesn't (BD-movies), PS3 is silent and X360 isn't, PS3 doesn't scratch discs or give you headaches of RROD (and after 3years you have to buy a now one anyway), PS3 offers games you are not able to play anywhere else except on a PS3, PS3 has functions with PSP, PS3 has universal standards with usb-support and HDD. I could go on if I think about it but I believe I proved my point.

"Its like me saying that the wii is obviously better than both consoles because it has the lowest failure rate and its games sell the most. Actually come to think about it, the wii is better than both systems because it has shipped twice as many systems than the 360 and wii and their first party games outsells ps3 first party games 5 fold."

Now you are just being your average X360 fanboy and playing numbers again see. That's exactly what it's come down to since the PS3 has "teh games" now. You just change your mind and say "let the best console sell more games/hardware".

AKNAA3807d ago

"when the 360 is on top you use the excuse of "we play games not sales" to ease the pain "

Ease what pain? ooooh Riiight, its the pain when my heart aches every time someone buys a 360 over a ps3... awwwww.. Gawd.. it... hurts me so....

3807d ago
Bombomb3807d ago

japan is usually celebrated.

ultimolu3807d ago

Like 360 fanboys don't jump up and down like little five year olds when NPD comes out.

It never occured to you Jason that some PS3 fans would rather play games than sales?

Lol, whatever. The PS3 has so many exclusives coming out that I can't help it.

Alcon3807d ago

Many people say they don't care about sales. Thats is true. And I do as well. I cannot speak for everyone of course so here is my opinion.

Many Xbox fanboys try to state as a fact that the better a game has been sold, the better the game is (and vice versa, meaning if the game sold like crap, then it means the game is crap as well) (Mind you I am not denying that Sony fanboys do the same sometimes as well)
So talking about sales (for me at least) is not wrong,its how you value the importance of those sales, that makes you a hypocrite and a fanboy!

What is funny here is that you Jason360 the fanboy (just glacing through your comments history, is a proof enough) are the one coming here giving lessons. lol

Once again the majority (there are always morons in a group (they are called fanboys)of people said they did not care about sales to determine if a game is good or not(I never heard them say talking about sales is bad).Its when for some people all that matters are sales and thats the only proof for them of how good something is. When Xbox fanboys come on X PS3 game sales news, and say the game sold bad and then saying the game is probably bad as well, because the sales 'show' it, then I would also be one of the guys to tell you that sales don't matter. They don't mater to determine a games greatness. For me its just a nice info to have . Talking about sales is not only fanboy territory. once again its how greatly you value sales number that make you an hypocrite or fanboy.
Thats a thing I've always seen done by XBox fanboys (note fanboys,not fans, I got nothing against XBox fans, the Xbox and its games (check my comments history if you like)).

So don't try to twist it here and take it out of context. The majority of people always said they did not care about sales because it does not reflect how good a game is (example: might sell like crap, but be an awesome game and vice versa: sell millions and be average or just bad game (some wii games here come to mind)

Note: I am not denying in any way that some Sony fanboys are hypocrites, saying they don't care about sales, and when there is a game that sold very well, come and try to boast about it. Those people are also stupid morons. I talked about the majority of people who are just decent guys, fans but not fanboys!

TheFreak3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

oops wasnt supposed to post comment

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RememberThe3573807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

lol that is not good. Price cut anyone?

lloyd_wonder3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I just realised that whatever the 360 outsells the PS3 by in NA-- these Japan numbers offset it. Price cut anyone...?

DrWan3807d ago

the US move this much in one week.

Halo3 MLG Pro3807d ago

Yeah sorry to tell you but the difference between Japan numbers and NA numbers is big. The 360 outsells the ps3 in NA way more than the ps3 outsells the 360 in Japan. And it's pretty much even everywhere else so I'm guessing the 360 wins WW numbers.

RememberThe3573807d ago

That would mean that the PS3 is moving over 400,000 units a month in the US. It moved 218,000 in March.

lloyd_wonder: The 360 moved 330,000 units in March, the PS3 moved 218,000. This would not make up the difference.

Wait for Aprils NPD numbers they will be very disappointing.

insomnium3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

to this -->

the PS3 sold 299151 units in a 10 week period. How many units did the X360 sell in that same time in Japan?

What is the difference between PS3 and X360 in that time according to NPD? Those would be interesting figures and I don't think the difference WW is big even if we forget about every other region besides what NPD and Media Create covers.

@Halo3 MLG Pro

Difference NPD = X360 - 234,923
PS3 - 145,709

Now go back and check the difference Japan

lloyd_wonder3807d ago

Do you know what offset means? It means to counter balance. The 360 outsold the PS3 by roughly 100k in NA. The PS3 outsold the 360 by roughly 100k in JPN.

RememberThe3573807d ago

I suppose your right.
This last March the PS3 did about 125,000 units in Japan and the 360 did about 31,000.

Last March the PS3 did about 218,000 units in the US and the 360 did about 330,000.

Added up the PS3 moved about 343,000 units while the 360 moved 361,000 units.

I'm just not expecting much from Aprils NPD numbers and I don't think you guys should be either.

rockleex3807d ago

That means the PS3 is only behind the 360 by some 20,000 units.

Now we'd have to see how both of them did in Europe to get the whole picture.

Anyways, I say the PS3 is doing pretty good despite its price in this economy.

lh_swe3807d ago

Considering the price difference any dunce could work out that a cheaper alternative is going to sell better. Most people who actually buy a console don't have the same extensive knowledge as the rabid fanboy's have about the pro's and con's of a console. They merely look at the price of a console, what their friends are playing and which console has games they are interested in.
Yes surely one can argue that Sony doesn't give the PS3 enough media exposure and that the RROD issue is a very widely known issue, but when it comes down to the consumer I don't think that has as large of an impact as we'd like to think.
The sad part however is how hardcore gamers can't play both parts of the field, and before you say hypocrite you only own a ps3 after reading my bio there is a good reason for it, I borrow a freinds 360 occasionally, and I love Fable 2, Gears 2, Mass Effect etc, and despite his 360 rustle's like an aeroplane from the 50's its still a wondefull console.

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