ZergWatch Review: Patapon 2

Pata Pata Pata Pon! FEVER!! After five minutes of playing this game you will find yourself repeating those words. The sequel to one of the greatest PSP, and hand held games of all time, Patapon, makes an incredible comeback with Patapon 2. As a die hard fan of the first title, I can tell you that Patapon 2 is bigger, better, and ready for all who dare to challenge it with a much bigger arsenal of baddies, bosses, missions, and rhythmic mayhem. With many more weapons, missions, this game is a great improvement, but the best feature I think is the Hero Patapon, a single-patapon unit who can be customized to your liking and is in a sense the leader of your army. When in fever mode, the Hero will preform devastating special attacks, and when the Hero falls in battle, he is revived right on the field! Another good addition are the 3 new Patapon warrior types: Toripon, Robopon, and Mahopon, which add a very good addition to this games already growing arsenal of ways to take down this new threat to the Patapon race.

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