Accelerated Gaming Episode #13: Should Sony Hold Back Home To Focus on PSN?

Below is the schedule for the podcast:

* About The New Site
* Will Sony's Deal With Ghostbusters Help Them?
* Sony To Start Working With Third Parties?
* Uncharted 2 Beta To Help The Sales of inFAMOUS?
* Thoughts on Uncharted 2 Multiplayer
* inFAMOUS Demo Impressions
* November Gaming Madness
* Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium Map Pack Impressions
* PlayStation Home Update Impressions
* PlayStation Home WILL Coincide With E3
* Should Sony Hold Back Home To Focus on PSN?
* Sony and Microsoft to Announce Motion Controller for the PS3/360 at E3?

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Nick2120043812d ago

Please be sure to comment with your thoughts on the podcast.

blackpanther253812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

i have been saying it for the longest time that home is a basically a part of psn. I mean it is under the psn tab. so is life with playstation.

All of these features are a part of psn

Go to the playstation forums they ask for different things all the time. Im still asking for .mkv support and a better music player/viewer (like a cover flow).

Nick2120043811d ago

I have seen tons of people talk about it,but until they release it in a firmware update, I will be waiting. I would also love for them to release a massive update for EyeCreate to allow extensive video editing.

Rip-Ridah3812d ago

I thought that the opinions expressed by the three guys were entertaining and interesting to listen to. Although a few bits of info was "off" the whole thing was surprisingly enjoyable. Some good points were made that provided food for thought on some of the topics discussed. I may see what more u guys have to say on future shows and would LOVE to participate in a podcast one day. -Rip-Ridah

Nick2120043811d ago

Glad you liked the show. Just keep checking back at the site for more content and new episodes of Accelerated Gaming. I will keep you in mind as a guest on the podcast sometime.

Rip-Ridah3812d ago

Not a half bad show. Good job guys. See the Open Zone for more details.