Why, Square Enix? Why?

Back in 2004 work began on a fan project modification of the Chrono Trigger ROM by the name of Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes. Those involved with the project remained dedicated and the project began to receive much hype, especially through the Chrono Compendium (a website serving fans of the Chrono series with news, fan mods, fanart, and much more). As of May 2009 Crimson Echoes was stated to have approx. 35 hours of gameplay, 10 multiple endings, and 23 chapters. The game featured all the heroes of the original game uniting to take down a new enemy from the Zeal era.

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ExcelKnight3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

If both prior efforts were shut down, what makes this one any different? Most importantly, why didn't they do it completely under the radar like anyone would have done after seeing the fate of the past two games?

Square Enix was completely within their rights to ask that the hack be removed. They unfortunately chose to use it mere days before release instead of ASAP.

Edit: Here's something about the article that doesn't sit well with me. The Half-Life example makes very little sense because the game came packaged with a modification tool. Valve made the game and subsequently allowed the game's engine to be used to make other things, which resulted in great new franchises like Counter Strike.
In this case, they were hacking the coding of a game that offered no modification options nor any licenses to do so. That alone should tell people Square Enix didn't really want any modifications (if they did, they would have ported the game to the PC with a mod tool by now).

PistolPumptMonk3810d ago

Go suck a thang, Square Enix.

Labwarriorbot3810d ago

and all of its characters, design, story etc etc.

Anyone stupid enough to think they can work on a SE game and win big, deserves to have this fate.

Anyone who thinks differently, needs to get his head examined. Thats like saying they will let some stranger they do not know, to come into his house without asking, use his TV without asking, sleep on his bed without asking, eat your sandwich, use your toilet and try to sleep with your girlfriend.

While you are at it, can I also have your credit card and number so I can plunder your account?

You dont use someone else's stuff and think you can get away with it. No exception has ever been made unless its an extremely uninteresting IP thats probably beyond leeching.

So stop wasting your and our time and post these ridiculous stories and these even more ridiculous articles from these amateur bloggers who only manage to proof that they shouldnt have quit highschool at age 14.

vhero3810d ago

hmm did they really get shut down at 98% or did they get 60% way through and couldnt be bothered and blame it on SE?? It happened before so people would believe it.. I doubt SE would care about a rom hack to be honest as most haven't heard of this and there are a ton of SE game hacks out there they never sent cease and desists out to. This is BS the creators have just give up and are letting SE take the flak..

ZeroX98763811d ago

Square Enix should have locked down the project long ago. Why closing it just before the release? it's just pissing off fans a lot more.

If SE don't want any fans release sequel, they could just do it themselves. It's not like they don't have enough money. Plus, they got plenty of time to make a story for a sequel.

Persistantthug3811d ago

From the article, it says that they weren't planning on making any profit. If that's true, then what claim could SE legally demand? People make modifications, derivatives, and interpolations in music, movies, and all sorts of entertainmen all the time. In music, you can sing a song all day if you're not profiting on it. And even if you do profit, you can use a song as fair use by paying a piece of every song sold.

HDgamer3810d ago

They hold rights to the IP and copyright. All likeness of that game belongs to them even if fanmade. They could have sued them, stolen the project and sold it to fans.

specialguest3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Even if the project was not for profit, if I was SE, I wouldn't want my IP to be potentially misrepresented. It could be damaging to the franchise.

Also, profit can come in different forms other than making direct sales money. example: fame & notariety, more website hits, etc.

Guitardr853810d ago

I completely agree with the above. If they were indeed not trying to make a profit from this, then it seems the only reason that squeenix might shut this down is to prevent any work coming out that might interfere or invalidate their own. This would make it seem that Squeenix has some secret Chrono game in the works yet after all of these years we have yet to see anything. May it be that this "game" could be one of the many over the years that continually get pushed back and delayed. After seeing the fate of Duke Nukem Forever and it's what...12 year development life span?...I guess anything is possible.

Da One3810d ago

I think SE did that with Chrono Cross and not making a game for it, in 10 years just half-assed ports(PSX), and decent re-release(DS)

Yeah the game is one of the best RPG's ever but let's be honest, what the hell has SE been doing with the Franchise nothing, nothing at all they could do what Valve did and purchase the rights to the game then sell since they seem so hell bent on not doing anything with it?

rob60213810d ago

@Da One

If they did make another game it would be mostly made by a completely different team, would you really want another game if it didn't have the same exceptional music, and everything else you've come to love about the series? It would need a huge budget to do it justice, but unfortunately wouldn't sell like a final fantasy or dragon quest game.
I actually find their reasons for not releasing another chrono game respectable.

Just glad they're atleast making another parasite eve (with the first ones composer)

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Berserk13810d ago

i will tell you way because they are Square Enix not Squaresoft,It means quantity over quality.

hay3810d ago

Chrono Resurrection was killed 5 years ago. RP also shared the same fate. Don't get me wrong. I love CT, I put high hopes into Resurrection and I was really disappointed by Square's move. But this is Square Penix.
They sell demo. They do the closed theaters stuff. They are able to sell their loyal fanbase for money. Twice. You can't expect any fan treatment here.
It's a business, yeah. But keeping fans as fans, not only as money throwing meat, is also an important thing.

Cheeseknight283810d ago

Lets not forget the bare minimum of characters they put in Dissidia, so that they can have an easy selling point for the inevitable sequel.

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