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Chicken Chaser3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

oh yeah because you can tell it looks the same with a low res video from a tv screen ..psst

I hope treyarch let them use word at war zombie mode, its too much fun

FlameBaitGod3813d ago

I rlly feel like its going to be like COD4 with better graphics, some new weapons and diff maps off course.

Polluted3813d ago

@Chicken Chaser: I don't think allowing IW to copy zombie mode would be Treyarch's decision, it would be up to Activision. It's pretty likely, given the popularity of WaW zombies that Activision will more or less force IW to include zombies of some sort in MW2.

perseus3813d ago

No full destruction = boring and lazy.

They should at least be trying for more realistic environments.

Cwalat3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

WTF are you guys talking about ^

Did we even watch the same trailer?

This is probably the best teaser ever released, I WANT MORE!
Awesome visuals, underwater sections, snowy environments...

This is gonna be EPIC!

Conan9973813d ago

Website SUSPENDED! Anyone have another link?

RememberThe3573813d ago

it's better quality anyway.

And this game looks sick, I'm not sure what you guys were looking at.

WhittO3813d ago

I fear for IW, they seem to be focussing on Snowy environments, they will get slaughtered because they will be compared to Uncharted 2s snow, in which the developers have stated they aim to make the best looking snow in a game ever, IW have no chance haha.

Lifendz3813d ago

I thought you swore off this site? Glad to see you're back on here. Great place to get new people to come to your site.

OmarJA3813d ago

Nothing exiting about this, it's not a gameplay footage...

IrishAssa3813d ago

I'd say infinity ward will want to come up with there own extra mode, they're better than Treyarch and i'll think they will want to prove it.

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poopsack3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

@ chicken Chaser

Just watched the teaser in HD, looks good, still samey. Since uncharted and battlefield are doing the same thing, not Infinity Ward's fault i guess. Still we all know COD will win the popularity contest since its the IN THANG!

3813d ago
OmarJA3813d ago

It really sad PoG that your best looking game is multiplatform...

Poor guy, can't remember him self.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

"It really sad PoG that your best looking game is multiplatform... "

"Poor guy, can't remember him self."

Give this idiot some credit, at least he doesn't overuse the acronym "LOL" anymore.

Anyway, calling Uncharted "cartoony" is one of the dumbest statements I've ever read.

On topic, COD6 looks great! For a multiplatform game, that is.

Ozzyb3813d ago

"I rlly feel like its going to be like COD4 with better graphics, some new weapons and diff maps off course."

That's what I'm hoping for! I think they should have kept the CoD name though.

I love video games3813d ago

i just got a rock hard renob!.... (read the last word backwards)

evrfighter3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

"COD6 looks great! For a multiplatform game, that is."

that's funny I saw the kz2 trailer and was actually impressed with this one.

That says a lot when a pc gamer comes out and says this.

No Way3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

It has been said (confirmed?) that there will be a "zombie" mode in MF2! :)

@FlameBaitGod - Uh.. What else would it be?
They wouldn't have the "2" on the title if they changed the game..

thewhoopimen3812d ago

Its going to be fun enuff said. That being said, those who think that this is a huge leap in graphics need to get their head checked. The snow is cartoony, the lighting very barebones. How else would they get the silk smooth framerates if you think about it? Something has to give.

solidsnakus3812d ago

ahhh the true fps king is arriving to STFU all the stupid KZ2 and HALO3 fanboys.

Jamegohanssj53812d ago

This game ugh! Just please stop it with the Call of Duties. If anything they could have just released a huge patch for CoF: MW for aboot 20 bucks. Maps, slightly updated graphics, and some other garbage.


SL1M DADDY3812d ago

And I would care less if they just kept with the best gameplay in an online FPS ever. IMHO the Modern Warfare gameplay is awesome and if they keep that essence then they have won me over for another couple years.

solidt123812d ago

If it has those snow mobiles in it that's enough upgrade for me. This game will sell 10 million easy across platforms.

aksmashh3812d ago

Why Would Anyone Wanna Watch That Crap?

I Don't Understand Why Gaming Company Think It Looks Good Puting Footage From Cut Scenes ( I Don't Know What You Call It) Because In Game Most Of Time Looks Better & More Believable

actas1233812d ago

The gameplay, graphics... look sick. Looks much better than Killzone 2.

Christopher3812d ago

Oh, wait, no I don't.

You're not going to see much improvement to the graphics, especially for multiplayer, but the gameplay does seem to be expanding to some new venues that it looks like it'll be more than just a repeat of CoD4.

Tito Jackson3812d ago

Vehicles! Please let their be Vehicles.

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Spike473813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

there are plenty of FPS games this year, lol.

iDystopia3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Modern warfare 2, Halo 3 ODST, Bioshock 2, Rare game coming... all the big shooters are coming this fall. ; ) I can't wait.

All we need is Half Life: Episode 3 to be announced.

RememberThe3573813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Haven't they let you down enough?

lol I'm joking. To each his own.

But this looks good. I cannot wait.

EDIT: what is up with all the disagrees lately? I could understand people disagreeing with my comment if they enjoy Rares games but how do you disagree with Spike's comment? Are there not enough FPS this year? Are Killzone 2 and MF2 not good enough for you? I mean wtf? Are these just disagree bots having a bad day? So many questions so little answers.

iDystopia3813d ago

Banjo, Kameo, Perfect Dark... enjoyed them all. I've always liked Rare....hopefully it will be Killer Instinct 3! :D

talltony3813d ago

dnt snooze on MAG. That has the best shot at competing with modern warfare 2.

I did not murder him3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

*Operation Flashpoint 2
*Prey 2

There are plenty of 3rd person shooters and more FPS's. I hope you didn't mention those games because you think they're the only ones that matter because one of the games you mentioned may have small legs months after it launched but it flopped and the other will sell close to 5 million on each platform.

DaTruth3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Oh, "teh sales" again; We are discussing the games, how many and how fun they will be, not "teh sales"!

Please keep your sales data talk in the sales data articles! Thanks!
Or you can take that talk to

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RememberThe3573813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Less lag in the online please. That is literally the only reason I stopped playing COD4.

EDIT: @Below: How about you stfu? If you want to let developer sit on their asses and not improve you shouldn't be gaming.

And that wasn't a complaint it was a request. Those are different.

outlawlife3813d ago

cod4 ahs some of the best netcode out there

if you are complaining about cod4 lag you shouldnt be playing online

7thNightvolley3813d ago

try gears2.. u would kiss cod4 in the ass.

RememberThe3573813d ago

but I do want them to improve it. I played the game for over a year. First on the 360 then on the PS3.

cyberwaffles3813d ago

pfft, try killzone 2's netcode, buttery smooth online. there is virtually no lag (at least from all the time i've played with it), accommodates 32 players, and is pumping out some amazing graphics.

cod4's issue was trying to go P2P. that's starting to get out dated considering how much more advance dedicated servers are so infinity ward are capable of integrating it. cod4 gets seriously annoying: leaving hosts finally migrates but it still ends the match (right in the middle of you owning everyone), laggy as hell, constant amount of lobbies closing, no filter or customization options for maps/modes you want to play, etc. dedicated servers are the future, not laggy P2P.

outlawlife3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

dedicated servers should be smooth...thats the point
if you lag on a dedicated server that is pretty much all your fault

i'm amazed at some of the things people say on here...really

for a p2p game cod4 is as good as it gets

mario8883813d ago

Infinity Ward and Epic will not add dedicated servers. If most gamers don't care why should they. It will be the same small maps, same P2P Hosting games, same campers, etc, etc.

outlawlife3813d ago

epic does dedicated servers, they had them for UT3

you could play both ways

mario8883813d ago

And UT3 runs well but it didn't sell well did it. Gears does not have dedicated servers and it runs like doggy poop. You keeps buying Gears and COD I won't.

No Way3812d ago

Lag? Maybe you should stop stealing internet from the local hot dog joint..

aaronisbla3812d ago

Stop giving the man flak for wanting a better, less lag filled gaming experience.

likedamaster3812d ago


It's definitely your connection. As someone stated, they have the best netcode in the industry. Twitchy shooter... @60fps... on a console? Nuff said.

Nikuma3812d ago

..get this game on PC then you can always play virtually lag free, AND use a superior control scheme.

ape0073812d ago

omg mw1 was one of the best games ever

this 5 seconds vid looks like a dream

can't wait ,infinty ward is the best

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Sony Rep3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

COD is going to take a dump on Halo. haha. Footage looks ace with new environments.

Going to be watching Clevend in the finals. Can't wait to see the footage.

Chicken Chaser3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Imagine the humongous dump its going to take on Killzone and resistance :O

Sony Rep3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

This and Uncharted 2 are going to be my most anticipated games this Fall.

Just like 07 all over again, and Uncharted 1 is still the game I play most today

Ausbo3813d ago

cavs in 6 and finally they will end our 50 year drought.

iDystopia3813d ago

Cavs vs. Lakers in Finals!!! That will be such an awesome Championship.

lowcarb3813d ago

After todays performance I wouldn't put to much faith in the lakers.

Timesplitter143813d ago

I'll be perfectly honest with you all.

Back in the PS2 era, I hated Halo. I had the impression that it was a lame bland FPS that only kids played, but at that time, I only tried it once and for a very short time, in split-screen.

But then COD4 came out. I bought it. Man, do I regret this purchase. COD4 is as bland and generic as it can get. Military men in brown cities, throwing 3 grenades every second. It made me realise how Halo wasn't so bad afterall. Then one day I got Halo 1 for PC. I loved it. Then, I tried Halo 3 with a friend and thought it was awesome. I love the weapons, ennemies and pacing of the game.

Halo is a much better game.

na2ru13813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Halo 1 on PC was my 1st online game. I loved it, both SP and MP. I became so intrigued by the halo 3 hype, I ended up buying 360 just for Halo3. I later got Halo 2 xbox version (didn't want no Vista back then).

I did enjoy Halo 3 MP thanks to it's generous splitscreen offering another 3 guest players. I still have my 360.

We need more games like that. So far, only Warhawk has it for PS3 and maybe Haze.

7thNightvolley3813d ago

ya halo1 was my first online game too, i remember downloading it off ares p2p and it worked played it on my laptop non stop then came halo2 online and from then on i was a MP addict i wanted to coop everything.

Jaces3813d ago

Don't forget Gears and Halo!

See what I did there? stfu and just be glad to be getting another quality FPS with awesome online.

callahan093813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I agree with Timesplitter. I like Halo 3 more than Call of Duty 4, too, in terms of online multiplayer.

PS360PCROCKS3813d ago

BOO THE LAKERS!!! NUGGETS BABY!! Woo it feels good to be a Nuggets fan

No Way3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Actually, I think the Houston Rockets will beat the LA Lakers.
Also, I think the finals will be Cleavland Vs. Denver.

But, I want the Cavs to win..
They my team. :)

pwnsause3812d ago

heres the difference though, Halo already is sh*t.

Ausbo3812d ago

i hope the lakers don't win because as a cavs fan i think they are the only team who could beat us. I really don't think the rockets will win without Yao. That was a great beatdown in houston. Nuggets do have a chance though and that would be a great final too. Go cavs LBJ MVP

Nikuma3812d ago

It's crazy how so many people started with Halo1 as their first online game. I guess mostly younger people, or people who didn't have access to a PC. I think my first true online shooter was Rogue Spear on the PC. That game was freaking awesome and I was insanely addicted. Before rogue spear the only multiplayer I did was like Doom 2 or Quake over LAN.

I never got on the hype train for Halo1 because I had already experienced great online FPS like Counter-strike and Half-life. I always thought Halo to be overhyped and overrated, but seeing how it could of been peoples first experience with online Multiplayer..I can understand how the game got so many fans.

No Way3812d ago

:O Did you see the last Houston Vs. LA game!? o.O
Haha. Yea, the Rockets crushed the Lakers!

I didn't think they could win without Yao.
But, they sure proved me wrong that game.
But, iuno, I just think Houston will win.

But, the way I see the finals.. it will be Cleavland Vs. Denver.