2009 is the Year Of The Fighter

Gamer Limit writes "It's no exaggeration to say Street Fighter IV was popular, but many gamers (Including myself) saw this as just the start, with Street Fighter at the start of the year and Tekken at the end we looked at what would come in between; and we smiled."

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Cloud-14093809d ago

Hell yeah. Fighting games rule all ass. Killer Instinct 3 is needed!!

chrisjc3809d ago

I'm abandoning Tekken this year. It's gone pretty stale, and at least Capcom changed Street Fighter around a bit with 4, and Blazblue looks amazing.

Bnet3433809d ago

Bubbles up for mentioning it. BlazBlue looks amazing, I've been hyping that game ever since it was announced.

hay3809d ago

After SF4 disappointment the only fighters I'm keeping my eye on this year is KoFXII and BlazBlue.
Also I don't really keep my faith up on T6. Namco is 10 years late with multi level stages, and the game seem to be playing as T5...

Ziriux3809d ago


Street Fighter IV
Tekken 6

THese two alone kick ass.

Killjoy30003809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Just by playing the demo, I can already tell that Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is going to be the best fighting game I've ever played. Sporting an endless 56 character roster, Online support for up to 3v3 battles, 3v3 couch play (not to mention 1 on 1 of course),custom soundtract support,and at a price point of only $15, you cannot possibly go wrong. I love fighting games with a tag-team feature.

I also love the intelligently implemented controls. Four button combat FTW!!

Does anybody know if Megaman will be in the game? Thanks.

I'm also looking forward to the PSP Soul Calibur, whick visually looks like one of the best titles on PSP.

Cloud-14093809d ago

Yes Megaman is in the game. Check out here for the full character list!

Killjoy30003809d ago

Awesome!! The should've put in Zero as well!

chrisjc3809d ago

Roll, Servbot, and Tron Bonne are too!

AcesAndEights3809d ago

Street Fighter IV was one of my favourite games in a long while, can't wait for more beat em ups!

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The story is too old to be commented.