Video games leading kids to, not away from, real instruments

In June, Bo Moore will hold a recital for his music students. And as many as 80 percent of them will be performing on guitars.

Thanks to video games such as "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band," Moore says, guitars are the hot thing right now.

Contrary to the notion that kids playing video games would mean they aren't playing instruments, Moore says he's never been busier. The private music teacher says he's seen a jump of perhaps 35 percent in the number of young people coming to him for lessons in the past two years. And most of them dream of becoming the next Eric Clapton or Carlos Santana.

"A lot of kids have been getting into it because of games, especially 'Guitar Hero,' " said Moore, who owns Bo Moore's Downtown Music in a second-floor shop on Main Street in Johnstown. "Kids who might never have become interested in learning to play the guitar are now coming to us."

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Gun_Senshi3816d ago

While I hate guitar hero / rockband coz i play guitar irl and done before they where released, I am glad that these games give nowdays kids real music, not MTV bullcrpa that cannot even be called music.