Duke Nukem Forever Character Models

A former Employee of 3d Realms posts some of the character models he has worked on for the infamous Duke Nukem Forever

He (username 'marks') is quoted as saying: "Its a shame what happened to Duke considering we were so close."

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krouse933813d ago

Holy Sh!T AWESOME!!!!!!

This is perhaps some of the most kicka$$ character models I have ever seen!

outlawlife3813d ago

the work is undeniably good

i think its fair to say DNF is dead forever judging by his tone on the project

FragMnTagM3813d ago

Hopefully I will get to play it. Preferably this year. Here's to hoping this is all a big hoax and it is the greatest surprise of E3.

cayal3813d ago

How about that guy who posts soon after the guy? What a tool.

Kakkoii3813d ago

Yeah, ZBrush is an amazing tool for creating 3D models. I've just started teaching myself to use it. It's quite a unique and intuitive program.

You should check out the galleries on that forum. There's even more amazing work on there that will make your jaw drop in awe.

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RememberThe3573813d ago

I'm starting to think that this is a PR stunt. It's hard to believe that these guy could get funding for a game that looked so kick ass.

krouse933813d ago

They couldn't though... that's why they are closing..

RememberThe3573813d ago

This would be their way of getting people to want the game, then suddenly delivering it to us. If my theory is true it would be rather brilliant of MS.

Timesplitter143813d ago

It's not even rumors. It's just some guy on a blog who said this. (he said it was purely speculation)

Kakkoii3813d ago

They could have gotten the funding if they went into a share agreement with another developer. But I guess they decided to scrap the game instead of sucking up their ego and letting another company help <_<.

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Athlon3813d ago

Wasn't this game supposed to be using the Unreal 3 engine version 2.0? The graphics are better than most games out now so it doesn't look outdated. But these guys shot themselves in the foot, taking that "We'll release it when it's done" approach. No publisher in their right mind in this economy will pick them up if they have no release date set in stone.

outlawlife3813d ago

hey have used every engine under the sun but the latest is iteration was an in house engine with specs similar to UE3

Timesplitter143813d ago

This SERIOUSLY looks awesome. The detail is incredible

jessehaysfl3813d ago

is this game killed, still alive, or in limbo?

jesuisankit3813d ago

Dead!!!..... I jus faintly wish I get to play it sometime

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