Why I Hate Trophies & Achievements

I love Trophies & Achievements, I think they are a brilliant idea but I have a huge problem with them.

(1) I don't care if someone buys a poor game because they think they may like it but when people start buying game's because of Trophies or Ahievements and not gameplay then there's a problem. Most Trophy & Achievements hunter's buy the worst game's on the market stuff like Iron Man and Lord of the Rings conquest because they want easy Trophies or Achievements.

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BigKev453818d ago

Because you suck at them.

scruffy_bear3818d ago

thats why I have 1041 trophies because I suck

HighDefinition3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

They make SOME games more playable, but don`t make a game better.

In some MP games it`s annoying when people blatantly whore for them in a ranked match.

II Necroplasm II3818d ago

Shouldn't this be in the blog section?

Marceles3817d ago

If you have over 1000 trophies, you don't hate trophies...that just makes no sent. You may hate the lengths people go to get them or how easy it is to get some compared to others, but you obviously still like the concept. You should just say "I hate when people think they're a better gamer because they have 1000 pts/Platinum on Hannah Montana while I haven't platinumed Fear 2". You like achievements, but this is just a wrong way of putting it..

TheUnspokenDream3817d ago

Lol man like shut up at the top hes a better gamer than you and your crap there

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chasegamez23818d ago

why i love when i get a platinum Trophy

ELite_Ghost3817d ago

trophies are a little better but both are pretty gay.
no one really cares if their friends have more trophies/achievements.
Whenever I get trophies or achievements, I just go meh. Unless of course I get a plat trophy.

gotpawned3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

For the most part, I don't think multiplayer achivievements/trophies should be allowed. I don't want others trying to go for an achievement/trophy ruin it for the rest of us playing the game differenetly than intended.

Multiplayer achievement is hard to get right.

FreestyleBarnacle3817d ago

I would say the kill x many people or play x many maps or level up to x level and such trophies are OK. They show people who play a game online a lot and are basically incidental. The only other ones I like are the ones which are created to make you try a technique that the Devs think people won't use otherwise even if it's pretty good. This works better when a game has a mechanic which is new and unusual for most people who play a lot of a type of game. This would all make more sense if I included examples but I think you get my drift.

KKanjiAnkh3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Ha Ha Ha, this article is great, and extremely right, I have friends who play the WORST games, ever, and are proud of it.

I also love when, people justify, the purchase of a no depth, craptastic, game, because the graphics are too amazing, or it sold 6 billion dollars, and it only has On-line, as it's main focus.

Honestly, gaming is at an all time low, because of cheap tactics like this, and the articles title brings it up.

For all those who have, or played the ORIGINAL Contra, on the NES, please remember it was all about 2 friends, 8 stages, and the most classic code EVER. How can this game, still be more fun, HOW.

GameGambits3818d ago

Trophies/Achivements very very very rarely show if you are SKILLED at a game. They only show that you are willing to spend more time than someone else on them. Who wants to play Hannah Montana The Movie The Game for 1000G? Can you seriously give me a reason how playing this means you are a beast at video games?

Killzone 2's Online 1% weekly trophy is an actual testament that you don't suck at the game. That takes some skill and is a trophy not everyone can get. I personally think more games need trophies along these lines if you want to brag about them so much...make them more than just time syncs to obtain.

You know there are people out there with copies of MGS4 who haven't played it yet in order to save it for when trophies come out.

NEWS FLASH MORONS! MGS4 will NEVER get trophies. Why? In the time it has been out there has been 3, count them, 3 expansions of content brought out for the online portion of the game. You think during those big development related content makings they wouldn't easily slip in trophies? It's not hard to implement or even time consuming. Get over it and play the game you dim wits.

Oh by the way no one is going to remember you when you die for how many trophies or achievements you got. Nor is anyone going to recall all the games you played as a triumph in life either. If that's what you have "going" for you and you think that's what you want people to remember you for---get a gun, put it into your mouth, and pull the trigger until you are dead.

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