Sony Finally Decides To Put Their Gloves On

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ladies and gentlemen, Sony has finally decided to put on the gloves this generation. With the recent announcement of Sony publishing Atari's upcoming title, Ghostbusters, in the Europe and PAL territories, this will make Ghostbusters a timed-exclusive on the PS3 and PS2 in these territories, with a projected launch date of June 19th this year. Now there are some good and bad sides to this announcement.

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heyheyhey3808d ago

lol, total butchering of the idiom

it's taking the gloves off, not putting them on

Lfmesquite3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I think Sony has been doing well, they're doing everything they can under the circumstances. They've really pumped up first party development for this gen, because they know that third party exclusivity is gone. Now they're doing everything right, but it's still tough to overcome the total meltdown and complete disregard for competition they had going into this gen.

I'm pretty happy with what PS3 is doing because third party exclusivity is obviously drying up this gen and now they're producing a lot of quality exclusives "in house" and to me they're clearly starting to position themselves to have the upper hand as far as exclusive content for the upcoming years. Since I'm such a big fanboy, obviously exclusivity is everything to me.

Now it's just a matter of when they decide to bring the house down and start cutting into that price tag.