New PSOne Emulation Details

The latest issue of the UK PSP Magazine has several new details on what the near future holds for the PSP-PSOne emulation launch titles.

No release date was announced, but Sony did confirm that it plans to have up to 7,000 PSOne titles available via the service by the end of 2007. Several titles announced for launch were revealed, including Tomb Raider, Castlevania: SOTN, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Silent Hill. There will be other titles at launch as well but no other titles have been announced at this time.

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Shadow Flare6179d ago

The psone emulation on psp is one of the things that is making me ps piss my pants with excitement

This article for me is the best article to come on this website since it launched for a few reasons:

-cos its said a little more on this emulation subject
-BUT mainly, cos it says that Final Fantasy VII is one of the launch title games! Geezbazooya FF7 is my favourite game of all time and its a freakin launch title for the psp!!! If there's any reason to keep a psp, its to play all the psone games. How many games could you ask for? And Final Fantasy VIII aswell, man i can't WAIT til this launches