Konami Code Secrets Hidden Across Various Websites

Remember a few weeks back, when someone bizarrely decided to enter the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start/enter) on, and discovered (no doubt to bewildered delight) that it made unicorns and rainbows appear? Well it turns out was not alone. has compiled a list of all websites so far known to have some kind of effect when the Konami Code is entered on it, and the list so far totals 25 pages.

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PirateThom3808d ago

I don't know who figured this out, but now I am trying it on every site I visit... :-/

sonyjunky2793808d ago

do you just enter it on your keyboard?

Max Power3808d ago

very interesting just did it on facebook.

Snake Raiser3808d ago

Ya, I didn't know that facebook had that. I'm going to try it every where now. More gamers in this world than I thought. What do you want to bet most of them learned it from contra. :)

Chuck Norris3808d ago

LOL. Contra is too awesome.

hotrider123808d ago

wish konami would make a new contra game for wii instead as a wiiware

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