Teamxbox: 1 vs. 100 Live Updated Hands-On Impressions

Earlier this week, Teamxbox brought you our premiere hands-on of Microsoft's first "Primetime" game, 1 vs. 100 Live. But that was only a small sample session with the title. Tonight, Teamxbox can bring you a fuller look at the offering, thanks to an invite Teamxbox received to participate in the Canadian beta test of the online game show that Microsoft just started running-even though Teamxbox is not in Canada.

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KionicWarlord2223811d ago

Cant wait till this released.

Does anyone know release date?

because on the beta it showed one that wasnt a beta for december 31.

MURKERR3811d ago

sounds like a promising product KEEP IT FREE MICROSOFT, have fun 360 owners..i wana play :(

KionicWarlord2223811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Well at least you played beta ....right?

Edit @murk

Off topic

oh sorry thought had one...this like second mistake ive made since that duke nukem footage....pissed alot people off.

On topic

So far this game is very fun and addicting. Hopefuly from how many people enjoy this game ,it will lead to more like it on the primetime channel.

MURKERR3811d ago

this seems really fun,and getting real prizes sounds amazing,i hope you can win free games/wifi adapters etc

iDystopia3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

All you gotta do is play the game a ton when the Live gameshow isn't going on, build up your score...and you'll get in the mob. There are alot of shows. :D

I's gonna winz!

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JokesOnYou3811d ago

"All in all, it was a fun time—and a great demonstration of how Microsoft is pushing the envelope in what can be done in a video game. It’s even bigger when you consider that it’ll be a free offering…at least for the first season, which is slated to run about 13 weeks. We’re only being told that the game will launch “soon,” but when we have more info on the release date or new details about the gameplay, we’ll pass them on."

-I'm just glad they found something useful for those dammm Avatars, lol j/k it was a pretty good demo of the game and making it free is a great way to get those interested really involved.


FragMnTagM3811d ago

It will be funny to see 101 different avatars in one place.

I hope it stays free for the early supporters of the game, like they did with Texas Hold 'em Poker.

FragMnTagM3811d ago

Okay, “fame and fortune” are stretching it a bit, but during the ten rounds, there were numerous Xbox Live Arcade games handed out, as well as Microsoft Points to the One or the Mob, depending on who came out on top. Many times when the One went out for getting a question wrong, the Mob prize was an XBLA game, but at its lowest, each Mob member received 80 MS Points (or about $1). The top prize given to the One during the session was 2000 MS Points (or about $25), though in one of the rounds, the One had the prize level up to 5000 MS Points (about $62.50) before busting out and handing victory to the Mob.

This is what really got me here. The prizes are pretty decent to say the least. I am curious to try this out for myself.

-MD-3811d ago

5000 points?! Jesus I was expecting 50-100 at the most this sounds awesome.

3811d ago
-MD-3811d ago

fairly sure it picks people based on your in game score so if you're the only person with 100% questions right you become "the one"

Grown Folks Talk3811d ago

that the community offering they mentioned for E3 will be Microsoft demoing this game with people through Xbox Live during the event. I want to see what other games they offer down the line. Personally I would like Deal or No Deal, Press Your Luck, & Let's Make a Deal.

DMasta7183811d ago

Press Your Luck would've been bad ass.

This 1 vs. 100 game sounds real fun.

Halo3 MLG Pro3811d ago

Very excited about this one.

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