The Future of Resident Evil

From The Escapist:

After many years of "tank" controls, static camera angles and increasingly formulaic gameplay, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami knew it was time to reboot his franchise, so he and his team built Resident Evil 4 from the ground-up. The studio axed the controls, camera angles, nonsensical puzzles and even the iconic zombies that had populated the franchise from the beginning, and fans welcomed the sweeping changes with praise.

It's been four years since Resident Evil 4, though, and we've enjoyed two Resident Evil games that are rooted in its fundamental design. Most recently, the publisher released Resident Evil 5, a gorgeous, action-packed game that plays more or less just like its predecessor. As entertaining as the game is, however, it definitely feels quite familiar. Fans were outspoken about the familiarity, and Capcom responded, saying that the next Resident Evil game will bring many new changes to the series.

So, what changes should be made and in what direction should Capcom take Resident Evil from here?

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