Gamer Movie Trailer

While initially you may think this is a fake, it actually contains big-name actors Gerard Butler (Leonidas from 300), Michael C. Hall (Dexter from Dexter), Ludacris (rap star), Milo Ventimiglia (Peter from Heroes), John Leguizamo (from various films and TV shows including The Kill Point and Ice Age), and Kyra Sedgwick (Brenda from The Closer).

The film is currently dated for release on September 4th.

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oriol0033815d ago

Cheesier than ballpark nachos.

TheRealSpy023815d ago

and why do ppl keep casting Ludacris in movies?

talltony3815d ago

this looks like a video game movie of death race except without the cars. It might be entertaining or very dumb but I'm leaning towards entertaining.

Hydrolex3815d ago

damn ! some good actors

omodis4203815d ago

Yeah, I was really suprised as well.

iClutch3815d ago

I honestly can't believe that all those known actors signed on to make this.

iClutch3815d ago

In all honesty, it looks incredibad.

MGOelite3815d ago

doesnt look THAT bad, wont be meet the spartans bad or anything like that

omodis4203815d ago

Looks like it could go either way. The cast is pretty good and I doubt all of those actors would do something if they didn't have at least some confidence in it.

Unbiased13815d ago


Trailer is cheese, just like any other trailer but i doubt Gerard and Hall would sign for some crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.