Dwayne Johnson to star in Gears of War Movie?

Chris Morgan has recently started to write the script for the new 'Gears of War' Movie, and has now started to create a list of people to take up parts in the film. With Marcus Fenix as the most important character.

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ape0073811d ago

don't make it suck like the doom movie

DrRobotnik3811d ago

I guess the rock is going to lay the smack down on the movie critics.

pixelsword3811d ago

A grammy?

Neither can I, but I think he would do well; he has the size, and he's the best actor that I know with a strong build.

Blitzed3811d ago

A grammy? Why is the Rock going to sing the theme song? I think you mean Oscar.

ShabzS3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

''you see tht lancer pick it up u locust.. shine that thing real nice .... now turn that sumbi*ch sideways and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY A** !!!....if ya smeeell what the rock is cooking...'' oh yeah i can see this happneing ... this would be awesome

I love video games3811d ago

hells yes the rock is the shiiit son, i just wish hed rock bottom someone

Tsar4ever013811d ago

This movie is gonna blow just like MOST videogame-to-movie films do.

What Epic SHOULD DO is just use the GEARS of WAR graphic engine from the game and a make a 2 plus hr movie. Give a limited IMAX screen release and then bring it straight to DVD/BLURAY. It would SELL like CRAZY!!!!

njr3811d ago



Jaces3810d ago

The fact that they may have a movie is an Epic Fail all by itself.

The Rock just makes it that much worse.

memots3810d ago

And of course Samuel L Jackson playing The cole train.

This will be epic.

All Time Greatness3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

The Rock(Johnson) has now become a pretty good actor...but I don't see him be Marcus Fenix, whatsoever. He doesn't have that same tough look and voice. Also, Marcus is white, not Latino. lol

At least you would know they aren't getting some ridiculous meathead-bozo without any acting skills whatsoever.

jessehaysfl3810d ago

gears + the rock = about right considering....

darthv723810d ago

as Cole Train. I can't really see the rock as Marcus but more like Dom.

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oriol0033811d ago

Lol As longest its not Vin Diseal starting as Marcus its all good but yeah The rock would makes sense as Marcus.

Killjoy30003811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Sure, the Rock would "makes," sense, but what doesn't is your post. This isn't Youtube illiteracy Ville. Maybe your thought would garner a little more attention if you made it so that we didn't have to decipher what you're trying to say.

Steyene3811d ago

Kill joy, you just obviously can't read. The only thing that doesn't work, is that there is no punctuation.

Anyway, Diesel doesn't have the mass behind him to play Marcus.

Groo3811d ago

I said this on my other post but I really believe Mickey Rourke would be awesome as Marcus Fenix, he has the rough look and voice too.

Killjoy30003811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Comment 2
As long as it isn't Vin Diesel, It's all good. But I think The Rock makes sense.

Comment 2.2
You obviously cannot read, Killjoy. Everything works except the absence of punctuation.

But anyway, Diesel doesn't have the build to play as Marcus.

And yes, I'm fixing both of your comments, as it is quite apparent you have two accounts. How sad.

No Way3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are nearly the same size.
But, I do think Vin Diesel would be better as Kim.

Hey, Killjoy3000, this isn't a formal website nor English class.
It's a gaming website.. So, can you do me a favor?
Get over yourself, okay? Alright. Thanks! :)

Killjoy30003811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Am I asking for an exquisite piece of writing sporting every field of writing that only English major's look for? No. I'm just asking him to actually make sense. If you can read past some idiotic babble that only Tom Hanks from the Davinci Code can pull off, then good for.

I think it's safe to say that I enjoy games just as much as everyone else here. I also enjoy talking about games. But I do admit, I'm quite picky about English. It's a habit. But I can't stand it when it seems as though people are posting with cell phone keypads.

Bob Dole3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

One might assume English isn't his first language...

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3811d ago
SpoonyRedMage3811d ago

I think this movie will be even worse than the games. Is there even enough plot to make a movie? and even so is there enough plot to make a GOOD movie? I personally don't think so.

kewlkat0073811d ago

If it's a big budget movie, it's all action/special effects. Indie films these days care about developing plots/characters.

table3811d ago

How many movies these days actually have a good plot anyway? But I agree, it will probably suck.

What do you mean it will be even worse than the games? The games are great.

SpoonyRedMage3811d ago

Well I don't really like the games. I guess I just don't get "it". It just seems gratuitious to me.

Well there's still some films that have good, devloped plots, even some blockbusters. But I get what you mean. cough*300*cough

In fact won't a Gears Of War movie be 300 with guns?

Bnet3433811d ago

If you don't like the games, no reason why you should even be clicking on this article.

SpoonyRedMage3811d ago

Hey I'm just giving my opinion and I'm entitled to that.

I'm not the only one either.

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stickskills3811d ago

The Rock as Marcus Fenix? Eh, not so sure about that one. I'd rather see the Rock as the supporting character, such as Dom. I have no idea who should play Baird or Marcus, but Cole should obviously be his voice talent, the former Terry Tate.

socomnick3811d ago

why not have the person who plays cole train in the video games play cole train in the movie. He looks just like him and the voice is the same as from the games.

his real name is lester spreit

No Way3811d ago

Haha. That video is awesome!
But, hell yea, he'd be a good fit to play the Cole Train! :D