Demigod: Saturday's status

The launch of Demigod has been marred by poor Internet multiplayer performance and issues. Developer Gas Powered Games and publisher Stardock have been working hard on the issues and the multiplayer network is certainly better than it was when the game was originally released. However many players still have had issues with playing online.

Early on Saturday, a new beta patch for the game was released. In his latest update on the Demigod forums, Stardock CEO Brad Wardell states, "The results have been very encouraging with a massive improvement in connectivity plus a fixes to a wide range of issues that users had reported." A non-beta patch for the game is scheduled for release on Monday and Wardell states, "So is Demigod safe to play online for normal people? In my opinion, the Monday release will probably put it there."

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Fullish3818d ago

Demigod is an awesome game, i'm glad the weekend beta patch fixed up most the issues.