RapeLay Developer "Bewildered" By Furor Over Game

The controversy over RapeLay, an obscure but disgusting forced sex simulation, appears to be rekindling. GamePolitics readers will recall that the game sparked a furor earlier this year after it was found to be for sale by a third-party reseller on In response to complaints the online retailer quickly removed the listing.

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DrRobotnik5022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

As degrading as this game is. American law makers are in no place to decide what is appropriate or not in another country. It was made for Japanese audiences, not American. This crybaby fest is going a little to far.

5022d ago
Th3 Chr0nic5021d ago

who cares its old news and what happens in japan is their business. if the US wants to punish someone then go after the importers bringing it into thr country cause the japan dev said they dont sell in the USA so its not an issue or shouldnt be. That doesnt mean i agree with the game. i do not, but thats a different issue.