Comics that would make great video games

Rikki Grimes of gives his thoughts on comics that could make games.

Excerpt:With the resent resurgence of super hero movies, licenses are being snatched up left and right by movie studios, with video games based on the movies soon to follow. Let's forget all about the movies based on comics. Let's go straight to the video games. Why? Well, because a movie about a warrior Aardvark might not make a good movie... but it could be a great game!

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SinnedNogara4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

I've never heard of any of those comics!!

My comic:


Seriously that would be awesome. Cutting up, strangling, and decapitating enemies with the symbiote and on all 3 systems!!! That would be fun.

redsquad4158d ago

Never heard of HARDBOILED? It's absolutely intense. I still have issues' #1 and #3 but have lost #2 for some reason. The art of Geof Darrow is so intricate: Some panels fill a page and contain so much detail it's staggering. It's very bloody, but in such an absurd way.

redsquad4158d ago

My vote goes to BLACK KISS....

...Then again, maybe not.
HARDBOILED would be cool but probably wouldn't get past the censor.

sanamsingh4158d ago

Batman: Dark Tomorrow by Frank Miller.

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