TouchArcade Preview: A Look at High Seas Battler 'WarShip', Me Harties

And so the stage is set for the salty, high seas shooter that is WarShip [App Store] from Goorusoft.

WarShip is basically a simple, pick-up game of high seas cannon warfare. (Master and Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean - that sort of thing.) In short, it's something quite like a pocket version of the sea battle sequences from Sid Meier's Pirates. There's nothing much beyond that, but that's ok, really. Now, don't get me wrong - there's little I'd rather see land on the iPhone more than a quality port of Sid Meier's Pirates. But, in truth, no dramatic backstory is needed to feel the satisfaction of piercing enemy vessels with high-speed orbs of iron, let loose at your command.

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