Gamedroid Review: Need For Speed Undercover

EA just raised the bar in racing games, bringing the popular Need For Speed series to the iPhone platform; putting games like Fast and the Furios, Fastlane and others to shame with it's stelar graphics,exciting and fresh gameplay, smoth controls and cut's scenes featuring real movie stars like Cristina Milian.

Need For Speed Undercover is a fast paced arcade racer that is in close touch with its console heritage. The gameplay's been adjusted for the casual nature of the iPhone platform, though. You simply tilt to steer, tilt more to drift, touch the screen to brake, and do nothing to accelerate (it's automatic). Simple touch gestures handle nitro boost and "speedbreaker," the game's slow-motion mode.

The game has a storyline that involves the usual undercover cop stuff and has you infiltrating a street racing scene that has vague ties to smuggling or some such activity. Full-motion video comes up between races to move the story forward via mediocre acting, but they never quite explain why cops actually arrest you when you yourself are an undercover cop.

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