Fudzilla: Asus Eee Box B204 fails to steal Revo's mojo

Fudzilla: "We've been toying around with Asus' new Eee Box B204 for a few days now, and it's time to wrap up the review for our Sunday edition. We don't actually have a Sunday edition per se, but this thing is more leisurewear than hardware, so I'm thinking Sunday will do just fine.

The old Eee Box B202 has been around for quite a while, and new incarnations, such as our B204 or the B206, basically look the same. Externally, the only distinguishing feature is the HDMI connector in lieu of DVI. Mind you, not changing the design is not a bad thing. The Eee Box is without a doubt the best looking nettop out there, so there's really no point in messing with the looks. "

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