E3 Is Coming Home Along With God Of War 3 Demo hiphopgamershow 5/10/09

1. New Metal Gear To Be Revealed?
2. Eidios is bringing back hitman
3. Alan Wake To Be Shenmue On Steriods
4. Game Review - Far Cry 2
5. Guest Star Jon Marx
and much more enjoy the show

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Spike473810d ago

As for the new MGS, I'm not sure why everyone expects it, I mean a Metal Gear Solid 5 would be too early or it's just too hard for me to believe. If it does get announced it will easily steal the show.

Jamegohanssj53810d ago

My predictions for E3. Kojima announces Metal Gear Origins starring, oh you guessed it, RAIDEN!


original seed3810d ago

was a rehash of N4G news. We heard ALL of this on N4G.

Lifendz3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

a 360 version of MGS4. Can't wait for E3.

And I may not agree with everything HHG says or how he runs his site, I will be going to his site to see his E3 coverage. Why? Because many of the big sites are so ho hum about games that I sometimes wonder if they even like games. I've never been to E3 but I know I'd be excited and I know HHG is going to be pumped up for it.

steck673810d ago

Is that a problem? At least its not flame bait this time. Anyways, I cant wait to see some new GoW3 gameplay. As for a new Metal Gear, I am hoping so. Then there is Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank. My god, E3 is going to be huge this year.

INehalemEXI3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

blackout 2....OMG. Imagine bumping that while on some inFAMOUS. Satisfaction.

"If you did'nt play metal gear solid 4, you need to get slapped 5 times in the face with a foot."


Unbiased13810d ago

Gow 3 is not his "insider" prediction. It was confirmed by SOny that playable version will be at E3 and then we will know more about demo and release date

gaffyh3810d ago

This episode was ok, video fx were a little messed up. A few issues I had with it.

- FF13 playable on Xbox 360, that is 99% guaranteed not to happen (reasons have been stated several times).

- Alan Wake = Shenmue on steroids, that's Yakuza 3. Alan wake looks more like a Silent Hill type game from the limited footage we've seen.

- New Metal Gear revealed? Too early imo, maybe they will announce the MGS4: Sub... game but not a whole new title. I would love it if they did MGS4 VR Missions as downloadable content. That would be awesome.

BiggCMan3810d ago

@1, announcing a new metal gear really wouldnt be early, releasing it within like a year or so will be early of course. look at mgs4 and the release of mgs3. they were within a few months of each other. anyways, i love when HHG said "if u havnt played mgs4 yet u need to get slapped in the face 5 times, with a foot" haha that was great and hes right, best game ever created IMO. CANT WAIT FOR E3 09, wish i was going :'(

Uzesgelen_Goo3810d ago

yeah agree next Shenmue is indeed Yakuza game (^_^)

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GWAVE3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

My E3 prediction:

Microsoft announces a timed 3rd-party exclusive for 2010 and/or shows off some Alan Wake footage and the entirety of the gaming press will cream their pants and blog about how Sony is doomed and how Microsoft totally conquered E3 '09 and how "Game Fuel" Mountain Dew is the best beverage ever.

Meanwhile, Sony will be showing off God of War 3, Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted 2 footage and announcing plenty of new exclusives...yet the media will yawn and complain about how they found some pixels in Killzone 2 that didn't match up to the E3 '05 trailer.

It's pretty much what happened at the last E3.

Chicken Chaser3810d ago should add that in the end of MS conference ..Tears started falling all over the world

Nathan1233810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Last E3 M$ stole FF13... Hence the media again started the 'PS3 is doomed... PS3 loses biggest exclusive'... crap.

I feel that Sony has this E3 in it's bag. Unless M$ steals something from Sony.. (hint:MGS5), then only can it stand against Sony.

My M$ E3 prediction:
M$ will proudly show off Halo:ODST trailer, Alan Wake footage, Mass Effect 2, Lost Planet 2 being a timed exclusive... and probably one or two more surprise exclusive... Then some stupid executive from M$ will come up and give speeches how the 360 is going to beat the PS3 (like always) and unveil the new motion controller...

My Sony E3 prediction:
Whoa... this could take long. Firstly, Uncharted 2 trailer and demo followed by God Of War 3 demo. Sony will also display the Infamous sales which comes out a week before E3. Then one would probably expect MAG gameplay. After that, some big announcements like MGS5 remaining PS3 exclusive (hopefully), Team ICO's new project (hopefully Shadow Of The Colossus 2), the Rockstar exclusive deal which Sony had in 2007,Twisted Metal being developed as PS3 exclusive, the PSP2, Sony's own new motion controller, details about FF vs 13, Details about Heavy Rain, Techmo's Quantum Theory, White Knight Chronicles, GT5 release date..... etc etc etc.
One would also expect PS3 price drop details...

Even if Sony announces details of half of the above list, PS3 will probably win the E3 without much competition.

I did not murder him3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Your E3 prediction when it comes to Microsoft is like predicting what a dog will do alone in a room with a cat. I wonder if you really believe that or are you just talking out of your ass.

E3 Predictions.

*Microsoft will show off shocking advances in motion sensing and show off revolutionary software for it.

*Microsoft will show of new community XBL features two steps ahead of what Sony will show.

*Microsoft will update XBL with new features and services like news channels etc.

*They will show off trailers for Halo Odst and Peter Jackson's Halo.

*The announcement of some Japanese PS dev making a exclusive for the 360 like Metal Gear Rising.

*The gameplay and footage of around 10 - 13 exclusive games

*Exclusive DLC for some games.

*Tons of 360 demos will be available

*some footage of future games not yet revealed

PS3 Predictions.......

*more PSN movies

*New Home rooms

*A wii like motion control but still nothing on par with the one for the 360.

*A few PS3 games that will be pushed back until next year.

* list of games not even releasing in the west

PS3 will be the least talking about pretty much like every E3.

OmarJA3810d ago

Thanks for the laugh buddy, keep it up... :D

Last year M$'s biggest surprise was a game going multiplatform & your only had 1 AAA titles released...

"*Microsoft will show off shocking advances in motion sensing and show off revolutionary software for it."

Hopefully it won't end up like the HD-DVD, M$ has been known for their faulty, cheap & broken hardware products...

Why don't you go bubble up you other "Why Dis" account.

Nathan1233810d ago

Ya... keep dreaming murder boy. The only thing from M$ that will turn heads is the new motion controller... Even Sony is launching a motion controller (and ya do you own M$ or Sony to predict which one will be better? Jerk no one has even seen how they look)... Halo:ODST and Alan Wake trailers as usual.

'The gameplay and footage of around 10 - 13 exclusive games'.... seriously... 10-13 unannounced exclusive. M$ doesn't even have 5 first party developers and you dumbass expect 10-13 exclusives.

Any game M$ shows will be eclipsed by GOD OF WAR 3 and MGS5 (if it gets announced). Hell even MAG showing 256 online play trailer will blow the wind out off M$es sail. And that is just starters my friend.. GT5, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Team ICO's new project, Rockstar exclusive game,FF vs 13,PSP2...

M$ doesn't have anything hardcore and so is going Wii's path... ya M$ just showed 29 million hardcore gamers the finger.. Make that 10-13 stupid Wii like games.

As I said... The only way M$ can win is by stealing one of PS3's exclusive just like they did last year with FFXIII. If MGS5 goes multi-plat, then all 360 bots will even forget about a new Halo if it shows up at E3 and start posting PS3 dooms articles.... stating that second biggest PS3 game goes multi-plat. That is how desperate M$ is at this stage.

All the other points would seem convincing only if you owned M$ d*ckhead... cause they are coming off a troll fanboy. Seriously does M$ call you and tell you that they are planning on new 10-13 games or XBL features or some Japanese dev is working on MGS kind game. At least my facts are for real. Nothing 'Made up' or 'hope it happens' like yours.

Ya 360 will get tones of DLCs... hope you remain happy while we PS3 owners play real games.

no-spin3810d ago

That was funny, and what is even funnier is that you described the reality of the media coverage.

One tech Demo from MS and a timed exclusive is enough to steal the show while Sony is showing Exclusives (plural as in more than one) that you wont find anywhere else, New IPs, pushing the boundaries, giving more to gamers for free (Home), etc. The media goes and says things like: While KZ 2 looks better than any other game in consoles, if you pause the game in the bridge explosion and zoom in you will notice that at 10x the textures are fake. (just like the PSP 3000 with all the super zoom pictures showing the line colors, i have it and works great because i dont play it with a microscope).

Meanwhile I as a gamer will come to the final conclusion: forget market share, profits, even console prices because i already got both. Now what each console offers to the owner and based on this I hope none of them steal the show and both have an amazing E3 that will benefit us. The media will do its thing, but i have eyes and the use of reason so their conclusions opinions etc are ok, but i wont based my conclusion on them

RememberThe3573810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

LOL wow. Like how much better the 360 is then the PS3? Which one has a 33% failure rate?

I like how you try to write off what the PS3 is doing right now. It's really amusing. Have fun pretending to not be disappointed.

I did not murder him3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

-Splinter Cell Conviction: gameplay footage and release date
-Warhound: release date window and behind the scenes showing
-Risen: reveal
-Shadow Harvest: revealed
-Dungeon Hero: gameplay trailer thats playable
-Halo odst: gameplay footage and date
-Demons of Mercy: revealed
-Alan Wake: release date and gameplay footage
-Dead Island:
-Elveon: footage and release info
-All Points Bulletin:(APB) Footage and date
-Forza 3: gameplay footage and release window
-Halo chronicle: trailer
-Killer Instinct 3: or both KI3 and Perfect Dark Zero 3 gameplay
-Metal Gear Rising: gameplay trailer or CGI
-Lost Planet 2: exclusive with no timed exclusive announcement and a demo
-Star Wars Battlefront III: will be timed at least.
-Project Offset: oddly IGN still has it in their updated release date list.
-Theseis: info
-Mass Effect 2: still Microsoft exclusive with no mention of PS3 development with gameplay footage or tech demo.
-lost odyssey 2: or both LO2 and Blue Dragon 2 CGI trailers
-Ferrari Project: footage gameplay footage
-Prey 2: footage
-Duke Nukem: surprise?
-Full body Motion sensing unit with motion launch games.
-3rd party Motion support with games
-Some huge XBL features update revealed for the spring update.
-New motion control system interface revealed

I won't pretend to know the sayings and rumors or the whole line-up of PS3 in detail as you pretend to know whats up with the 360.

"God of War 3, Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted 2"

^^ Are you kidding me LMAO

Microsoft's top tier spotlight titles will be Mass Effect 2, Metal Gear Raiden and Alan Wake.

RememberThe3573810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Good job not saying anything.

I'm not pretending anything. You didn't hear me say anything about what the 360 or PS3 is doing. I just think it's funny how your talking about all the things MS is doing all the while ignoring what Sony is doing.

You see, that's whats great about owning both consoles. You get the best of both worlds.

EDIT: lol you think the next Metal Gear is going to be exclusive to the 360?

xabmol3810d ago

"Microsoft's top tier spotlight titles will be Mass Effect 2, METAL GEAR RAIDEN and Alan Wake."

^^ Are you kidding me?


Omegasyde3810d ago

Has Why dis, Power of Green, and I DID NOT MURDER HIM getting his account banned from N4g for not following user guidelines.

Creating multiple accounts in order to evade timed bans from open zone is against user guidelines.

Nathan1233810d ago

Seriously murder boy you think a MGS title will be a 360 exclusive? That shows how dumb you really are.
All you can do is hope the title goes multi-plat cause anything with MGS on it always shows up on a platform called PS.

Out off that entire stupid list which you probably copy pasted from somewhere, the only games I give a rats ass are Halo, Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake.

Now put that against GOW3 (ya this can take on Halo with no problem. If Kratos will shout, Master chief will crap in his pants) ,Infamous(vs Mass Effect 2.. bring it on), GT5 (ya Forza 3 vs GT5... You must seriously be joking. The comparison would be an insult to the legendary GT franchise...), Heavy Rain (vs Alan Wake), FF vs 13 (vs what.. nothing can stand against FF), Uncharted 2 (vs what), MGS5 (vs what.. and it's not coming to the 360...)... Seriously you dumbass 360 fanbots still think that 360 has better exclusives don't you?
Ya I agree M$ isn't going to just stand like a fool at E3.. They will probably have exclusives lined up, but trust me it will take a hell off a lot to beat the PS3's line up this time around.... We'll see after E3.

And please stop talking s*it about the new motion sensing controller. No one has seen what they even look like and you are already predicting a winner.... Seriously I know you are a 360 fanboy, but don't make it so obvious that you have your brains up your ass. Just cause Sony isn't leaking much info about the controllers doesn't mean theirs is a crappy one. It's just that this time Sony has so much up their sleeve that the motion controller & PSP2 have taken a back seat whereas for M$ it's a big deal cause frankly M$es E3 looks hollow this time around. Ya I know the last line is controversial... but the things are all pointing in that direction.

I did not murder him3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Metal gear on my list states that the trailer will be revealed nothing more nothing less. My list is a prediction for Microsoft's E3 now who's stupid. You seem offended take a break man. Still on par or tops the FF13 E3 news either way perhaps?

FlameBaitGod3809d ago

I did not murder him ima pray for u bro, u rlly need mental help LOL! So whens the wedding I did not murder him ? when is that lucky 360 marrying u, wanna be at that wedding.

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Timesplitter143810d ago

What I like about this E3 is that there is very little promised content and a HUGE possibility of surprise announcement

Spike473810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

and the media would go crazy no matter what Sony presented. For example, a new Perfect Dark Zero game would be deemed as the Best FPS of 2009, lol.

It is basically more multiplatform games+ an exclusive vs. More exclusives and more exclusives

chidori6663810d ago

"Alan Wake To Be Shenmue On Steriods "

only in hiphop garbage show....

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3810d ago for Alan Wake for the P.C anyone??? ;-D

Why do the ChatBots go mad for a game that will be on P.C to??? I could buy it for my P.C??? The better version. How does that feel ChatBots??? ;-D