Worst Gaming Stories Ever: "Killzone 2/Halo 3/Grand Theft Auto IV Is Overrated"

Game criticism is never as simple as determining whether a game is good or bad. After a game receives glowing reviews and racks up solid sales, many begin to wonder whether the game deserves its success. The result is a flood of completely worthless articles declaring a hot title to be "overrated."

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GWAVE3811d ago

But there's another side to the "overrated" thing:

Sometimes, the media gets caught up in the hype and they're the biggest "overraters", so to speak. It happened with several games already this gen (Grand Theft Auto 4 is an obvious example that gamers from either the 360 or PS3 can agree on).

So, sometimes it is valuable to point out that "Gears of Halo 7: Valkyria of the Patriots" actually IS overrated and that it ISN'T all that and a bag of chips.

EvilCackle3811d ago

So what if a mag gives a game a 9.5 instead of an 8.5, though? There's so many websites and print publications printing reviews that it's not like a gamer is forced to rely on any of them for their information on a game. They can check several reviews to make their decision. If a publication prints overly optimistic reviews, the readers will just stop visiting because they'll be deemed un-trustworthy. I think a lot of readers just glance at the score, though, instead of closely reading the review.

SpoonyRedMage3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

You take that back!

GoH VII: VotP is the greatest game ever!

It's a got a perfect 100 on Metacritic and sold eleventy billion copies in it's first week(when it was only released in Japan!)!!!!!

chidori6663811d ago

not kz2, but halo 3 story is most garbage off story of games imo...

jack who3807d ago

your web site is overrated