Should bloggers be more picky?

Destructoid writes:

"People love to criticize gaming blogs. They are an incredibly easy target, thanks to the fact that they are edited by people who are not "proper" journalists, there are so many of them, and there are a huge amount of sub-par, poorly written and badly formatted sites out there, ensuring that gaming communities and real "games journalists" will always look down their noses at blogs for being illegitimate stepsons of the "proper" games media.

One of the most common criticisms stems from what content videogame bloggers choose to write about. Crispy Gamer recently ran an excellent article breaking down and debunking the myth that games bloggers simply steal from each other and rely on regurgitating links, and I urge you to read that. However, I intend to tackle the actual subject matter of posts themselves.

Blogs are often criticized for their "irrelevent" content, for covering topics that don't "need" to be covered, or aren't "helpful" to the great and mystical common cause. I ask those who criticize blogs: Are we really doing it wrong, or are we merely providing variety? If a post isn't needed, does that invalidate it? Read on as we discuss the relevance of blogs, and whether being irrelevant is a bad thing."

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