Gaming's Worst Console Launches

Thatgamingsite writes: "Launch day is the biggest day for any new system and if successful it can mean a future of great possibilities. Then again, a poor launch can mean bad things in the long run. So this is why we'd decided to use some examples of consoles past to show you how and how not to launch a system.

Take note boys and girls, these examples should not be repeat offences!"

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GWAVE3818d ago

I don't know why they put the Dreamcast on that list. The time around the Dreamcast's launch was (arguably) the best time. Sales were high. The media had a positive outlook for the system. People even thought it might beat the PS2.

raiden_933818d ago

This is in reference to the Japanese launch of the DC.
There were shortages due to graphic chip problems and both Sonic Adventure and Sega Rally 2 were delayed by a month.

DrRobotnik3818d ago

32x hands down. It never even worked strait out of the box!

Lifendz3818d ago

of any Sony console? I could be mistaken but I think I remember seeing that somewhere.

heroicjanitor3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Unless you count the psp. So why is it on that list? It had resistance motorstorm and oblivion at launch too...

IdleLeeSiuLung3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

I remember hearing about the BB gun shootings and the robbings at the PS3 launch in the US. The PS3 then went on to sell ridiculous amounts on ebay for about a month.

Panthers3818d ago

I thought Sega surprised the public at E3 by announcing they would release the Dreamcast early, which ended up being terrible because of the fact that there was no public hype built up (only people who knew about E3 knew it was releasing)

That would be why it was a terrible launch.

bbblockbird3818d ago

i say 360 cuz of the sh!Ty hardware n RROD !!! lol its not always bout sales u kno but then again i am a fanboy

ShadowRyuX3818d ago

it is obvious that they just wanted to incite fanboy wars and get hits, especially considering the fact that the person chose a picture of the PS3.

GCNSeanFoster3818d ago

I stopped reading after page 2. The GameCube and DSi were some of the worst launches??? Get real. Do these people do research? Maybe I should do an article on my website called "Blogs and Websites that posted so-called epic articles that failed to deliver"...

soxfan20053818d ago

Read a little closer. The article says that the Dreamcast's JAPAN launch was unsuccessful, not the American launch. The US launch was one of the most successful console launches ever. As for PS3, they are saying there were problems in France and UK, not anywhere else.

-EvoAnubis-3818d ago

"I thought Sega surprised the public at E3 by announcing they would release the Dreamcast early, which ended up being terrible because of the fact that there was no public hype built up (only people who knew about E3 knew it was releasing)

That would be why it was a terrible launch."

You're thinking of the Saturn.

Genesis53817d ago

Doesn't launching a console with an extremely high failure rate fall into this category.

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Sunny_D3818d ago

I wish Sony would be aggressive with their marketing. You saw how the pic of xbox 360 love you stole thunder from the launch of the ps3. I like how Microsoft goes after the competition when marketing. I just wish Sony would too.

Information Minister3818d ago

Microsoft spends millions in marketing.

Sony spends those millions in first party studios and game development.

Personally I prefer Sony's business model.

Nike3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

But if your customers haven't heard of the product, how are they going to buy it? If you also want to build a large market of early adapters, be it for a console or game, advertising heavily helps. At least in that one area, the Xbox 360 and even more so the Wii, outdid the Playstation 3 with their launches.

(Oh and I'm very aware of the current scenario as to PS3 catching up with 360 in the US and the in-flow of upcoming PS3 exclusives versus the 360 having a handful. "With their LAUNCHES", referring to the past and not the present scenario)

Ssxtreme363818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

with suunyd and Nike, i also partly agree with info minister but to me its more important to let people know you have games consumers would be interested in playing rather than making them do the work themselves and possible get persuaded by a person who tells you their opinion rather than asking what the consumer really is looking for in a console or a game. i hear these stories happening all the time at gamestop which is sad but i guess this sort of thing was going to happen sooner or later.....

consumers are looking to hear positive or negative things about a product in order to help them judge their own opinions on if they should buy it or not and while sure it sounds great to hear that sony is pumping all this money into their games and to the people who already own the system, its almost like they forgot or don't want to concentrate by drawling new people into their product

when i look at games like killzone 2 i ask myself how come it didn't sell like gears or halo did (or the extreme amount of hype it had on the internet) and the main reason i always seem to think of was sony's lack in marketing towards the game. i mean look at it, its beautiful, but if more people had saw it running, more people would have defiantly bought it sooner. sure sony marketed the game but imo not nearly enough as they should have. when god of war for the psp came out i saw so many commercials of it that at the time ii would have been a surprise to see a day go by without seeing one. that was great and i think they should have had that same excitement for killzone 2.

while one may argue that killzone 2 did have ads, to me they came a bit later than expected. during the first week of its launch (that Sunday to the Friday it was released) i didn't see not one commercial for the game, that pissed me off. but around 2 weeks from its release they were on all the time. i wish that during that week of its launch that there would have been more commercials on so that they're could of had a few places like gamesuck or walmart having midnight launches.

i just wish we would see more hype in the real world like we do on the internet over a game on the ps3. the 360 has done it a couple of times in the past but i rarely hear about ps3 games having huge midnight launches in normal city or towns, whether or not its on the news....if killzone 2 had a midnight launch that allot of people were aware of i would have shown up to play the game because theres a chance where i could meet new people while purchasing the game, how cool is that?

-EvoAnubis-3817d ago

Once again, MS advertises the sh*t out of their games because they can. As in, they don't have 12 first party studios and 3 different consoles to worry about. They have one console, and about 4 or five 1st party dev teams. That's it. They can afford to do 10 million plus dollar advertising campaigns, because it's not like those ad dollars need to be put elsewhere.

That's an advantage MS has, and they're doing all they can with it. Which is commendable. With Sony, though, it's all about the games and features.

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-MoOkS-3818d ago

PS3. The only game worth playing was Resistance lol

Spike473818d ago

The PS3's launch is not the worst one ever, but it was supposed to be the best one ever, and it wasn't, so some people were dissapointed obviously.

GWAVE3818d ago

And the 360 had....Call of Duty 2? What's your point?

raiden_933818d ago

It wasn't the worst launch, it was just interupted by Microsoft.

-MoOkS-3818d ago

PS3 launch
- Resistance Fall of Man

Xbox 360 launch
- Call of Duty 2 ( arguably the best in the series )
- Amped 3
- Condemed
- Kameo
- Quake 4
- Project gotham racing 3
- Perfect dark zero

Those were all good games that were playable.

iamtehpwn3818d ago

But it's now the safest console you can purchase.
Reliable hardware, and plenty of great games.

ultimolu3818d ago

You couldn't be any wronger than you are now.
Keep hating. That's all I have to say.

HDgamer3818d ago

wow mooks you're wrong and you're a fanboy in the gamer zone. Hey why don't you go back into the open zone where you belong.

Real Gambler3818d ago

Both the PS3 and 360 had lots of titles available on launch day! Dang, I hate when people cannot use google or wikipedia... Grow up kids.

From wikipedia:
"The PlayStation 3 launched in North America with 14 titles, and launched in Europe with 24 titles."

"The Xbox 360 launched with 14 games in North America and 13 in Europe."

Jaces3818d ago

I really don't recall any "Great" games that came out during the 360's launch.

Just because those games were the only ones to play at the time of launch didn't mean they were great or even good, just something to pass the time by while waiting for something better.

Personally a lot of those were crap. I mean I don't think anyone is still playing Cameo or Perfect Dark: Zero, hell, I still play Gears 1 and Fable once in awhile. lol.

Considering the PS3 having about the same multiplat games at launch AND their own exclusives....PS3 definatley had the better of the two when it came to games at launch. IMO.

Aside from that, both systems are swimming in games among anything we could've imagined and it's awesome.

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Spike473818d ago

Makes you think that everyone that bashed Sony for the early price cuts are hypocrites.

Even so, a company can make mistakes, when buying any new product, you should know that the price could drop soon and will.

kewlkat0073818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

and probably less because of inflation.

"Launched in November 2005, the Xbox 360 has gone 20 months without a price cut, the longest of any console in history. Sony's PlayStation 2 held its $300 price for 18 months after launching in the United States in 2000."

This is MS 2nd console in the Industry so about, on par. PS2 was profitable after it's first Price-cut with the commanding market-share.(Obviously) but it won't be the same for PS3.

Real Gambler3818d ago

Instead of quoting other articles, here's what THIS article is saying...

"launching the system in Europe at the ridiculous price of £425, a price that was quickly lowered to £299 the following year."

So, they lowered the price by more than $200US... You're not even close!

Again, you should read more than just the headlines... It's in the article itself! Let me know if you need glasses : )

-MoOkS-3818d ago

Finally, the ps3 come's 1st in something. :D

JasonPC360PS3Wii3818d ago

It's strange seeing the PS3 on top for once.