Splinter Cell - Double Agent: An installation nightmare

Source: Playstation-disorder

Just as I am writing this, i am still waiting for Splinter Cell to finally install on my PS3. Surprisingly enough I found the game today in my video games store as it has been delayed. So, I was pretty excited until I was trying to take a quick look.

The startup of the game until the "Press Start" message already took at least 2 minutes. Not sure what happened during that time other than loading. Then after I finally hit the Start button, the game tells me that there is an update available and i have to download it right now. Hello, I just bought the game. Maybe its just the installer that just downloads the actual game.

Ok, let's go. After about 45 minutes download action the game tells me that an error occurred and I should start all over again. Guys, are you kidding? This is a game console. If I need an installation nightmare I configure my laptop.

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InMyOpinion4311d ago

You have to install your games before you can play them. How 90's.

Bleyd4310d ago

"Man that avatar sure does look yummy!"

Ps30074309d ago

Dont know what this dude is doing to his playstation 3 but clearly he is lying... 45 minutes whatever...

Funny how he forgot to mention it loads faster then on the 360 after the 1st install, he also forgot to tell you 360 ALSO has to update before play...

This was one biased article...

DOnt be mad your console is dying.. Its okay that every game the 360 has gotten we get fixed and running better than you...

Its ok... Stop spreading BS though because I can put up video showing this dude is straight lying...

Enjoy the elite.

TheXgamerLive4309d ago

If your going to just lie, then just shut the hell up.

Scythesean4311d ago

quit crying and just get the update. Also does the game have splitscreen multiplayer?

hamburgerhill4310d ago

Man that avatar sure does look yummy!

xfrgtr4310d ago

Ubisoft really sucks,like GRAW 2 problems with the 360

Bebedora4310d ago

but I have to agree. It's EA all over again.

TheXgamerLive4309d ago

If anyone has had them, I'd like to see proof.

Boink4310d ago

why do you need to install a game?

that's dumb.

Whoooop4310d ago

I'm a hardcore fan of the SP series and i was disappointed with DA..

From the first one to Chaos Theory i was very happy with the series even tho the story sucked, but the creative gameplay and the fact that i was playing as a secret stealth agent something i've always wanted since i started playing games made me forget bout a good story..

Well maybe you will enjoy it more than me..

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The story is too old to be commented.