Anticipated Summer Games Of 2009

Game Of Honor: Almost everyone has something to shout about these days considering summer is right around the corner and school is just about to be closed. Summer 2009 has a bunch of blockbuster titles coming out that would make your wallet cry in tears begging for a summer job.

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GWAVE3811d ago

Sadly, only a handful of interesting games on that list. BlazBlue is probably my most anticipated game for summer.

Ellessdee3811d ago

some stupid GI Joe movie tie-in gets on the list and arkham asylum only gets an "honerable mention"


also, what about bayonetta?

grantps33811d ago

splinter cell conviction? thats not coming out this summer.
there hasn't been a drop of news since they said they were back to the drawing board. even if there is a splinter cell conviction e3 blow out, its not coming this summer

Myst3811d ago

I'm sorry but being that it has been summer for me for sometime their are still some games that I've anticipated that are not on the list. Even then some of the games on this list already I have not even heard of. Though from this list I will say the games that I am awaiting are:

+Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

And that is just from this list, otherwise I would add in Sacred2, Cross-Edge, Monster Hunter Freedom United, and that's about all I really have time for this summer. Kind of surprised they would leave Monster Hunter Freedom United off of the list...

Shnazzyone3810d ago

there HAS to be better games then those.

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